#michED Chat 2/24/16 - Student Ownership of Learning

A chat about helping students take control of their learning, and providing resources to teachers to make it possible.

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  2. Good evening #MichEd! Let’s cozy up to the fire, put another blanket over our laps and have a chat. Introductions please! (Erin, 2nd gr T)
  3. Good evening #michED need a good fire tonight as Southern Macomb County needs to Dry out (6th grades science teacher)
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  5. Hi #miched! Kim from Genesee County. Formerly elem teacher, now building PD for @EduPathsMDE. Love tonight's topic!
  6. Hi #MichED - I'm Ron in snow-bound Grand Rapids - from @kentisd @MACUL and @remcam - looks like some of us might not be at school tomorrow
  7. Kyle from Mattawan, ELA Teacher and Writing Center Director #miched
  8. U of M student teacher as well -- excited to learn from #miched! #miched
  9. Ben checking in from St. Joseph, where we just learned tomorrow is a snow day! #MichEd
  10. Hi! My name is Alana, student teacher, 4th grade, Eberwhite, language arts major. Tip: Always make a parent smile! #miched
  11. Hoping to chat a bit tonight....let's see how long my kids can keep themselves entertained! #fledchat #miched
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  14. Hi Twitter Friends, Tony Stamm - Instructional Specialist Birmingham, MI #miched
  15. Hi everyone! My name is Taylor:) I am a student teacher in a 3rd grade classroom. #michED
  16. Excited for my first #michED chat! My name is Hannah Epstein and I am a U of M student teacher in Ann Arbor in a kindergarten classroom.
  17. Joon, U of M School of Education, 3rd grade student teacher in Ypsi! #miched
  18. Michael Crawford. Metro Detroit. PhD Candidate in Educational Psychology. Chief Academic Officer at @elimindset. #miched
  19. Evenin' #miched friends. Kit from Sarnia, ON - EdTech Supervisor for Port Huron Schools. Great topic tonight!
  20. Mike, second grade from Chelsea....waiting for the phone to ring.... #miched
  21. Just the fire we need! Cory Timmer, Zeeland, 8th grade special Ed #MichEd https://t.co/1SPByFvvUT
    Just the fire we need! Cory Timmer, Zeeland, 8th grade special Ed #MichEd pic.twitter.com/1SPByFvvUT
  22. Is anyone else loving all these new faces and student teachers?! This is AWESOME!! Wish I would have had #miched during my student teaching
  23. Good evening #miched! I am Trevor, a math and science tutor.
  24. Hi #miched, Joanne from MAISA General Ed Leadership Network.
  25. @mikebrown145 Hey Mike! Good to see you. Gonna need your ideas tonight! #miched
  26. @RMWynkoop @michEDchat Hi Rachelle! I'm excited about both! This will be my first experience participating in a @michEDchat #michED
  27. Apropos that PBS is showing "Snow Chicks" tonight about penguins and their struggles to get home... sounds like today after work #MichED
  28. Lets get started! Q1: What does “Giving Students Ownership of Learning” mean? Define it. #miched
  29. Chandler Brown, sophomore with a secondary education and English Major at adrian college #TED350 #miched @MichelleK929
  30. @julie_caplan Hi Julie. #Miched chats are great for student teachers like yourself. Your perspective is appreciated, so please share it.
  31. Lydia, U of M School of Education, Student Teacher in Kindergarten at Wines #miched
  32. @ekdahljames Welcome to #miched Glad you could join us on this cold, winter night!
  33. Good evening #miched. I am Craig, ed tech consultant at Kent ISD in GR. Loving the snow tonight.
  34. A1 Letting students move, at their pace and on their own path, from not knowing to knowing #miched
  35. A1 Students have voice and choice in learning process - planning, deciding how to show learning evidence, self-assessment. #miched
  36. A1: As if we, as teachers, could have ever really "owned" the Ss learning. Ss have always owned it but we "ignore" it ;-) #miched
  37. A1: it means that they drive the topics explored, the means of exploration, the outcomes, and the evaluation of their learning. #miched
  38. A1: Giving students opportunities to do cognitive work at school. #MichEd
  39. A1: A big part of student ownership is giving students options and a voice. It's a chance to give Ss power of choice, direction, etc #miched
  40. @amybrowns Agree! And in ways that interest them. There is no ONE way to learn and show learning. #miched
  41. A1: In a nutshell…trust. Trust yourself as a teacher and trust that your students can do it. #miched
  42. A1: Content taught takes student interest into account and is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom. #miched
  43. A1 Give them ownership so they can build real world skills, become lifelong learners - not learning just for a test #miched
  44. A1 - one of the ways is to assist students in setting their own goals for their education & integrating their interests into those. #miched
  45. #MEMSPAchat TOMORROW (Thursday at 8pm)

The 'Principals' of Planning

#miched - All educators are welcome to join https://t.co/yRwk2ii7UF
    #MEMSPAchat TOMORROW (Thursday at 8pm) The 'Principals' of Planning #miched - All educators are welcome to join pic.twitter.com/yRwk2ii7UF
  46. A1 Ownership = Choice and the Opportunity to Create (learning, new knowledge, solution, or next question) #miched
  47. First time chatters - I will be tweeting out help tips. The Smore flier starts with chat protocols  https://www.smore.com/7vhz1  #miched
  48. @kithard We tend to fall back on teaching the way we were taught.Gotta break that cycle if it isn’t what is right for kids.#hardwork #miched
  49. @boskm Yes! I feel like a broken record about voice and choice lately for students, but it's just that important! #miched
  50. A1: Letting students take lead of their own learning, self-motivate to learn and succeed, self-evaluate. #miched
  51. A1 Choice in work space, topics, tools, products...by the way, just got that phone call! #miched
  52. A1: Ss participating and engaging because the lessons/skills matter to them, not because the teacher told them to do so #MichED
  53. A1: Giving Ss a choice, letting them move faster or slower if needed, seeing them ask for what they need. #miched
  54. A1) choices about where to focus passionate learning. Voice about how to accomplish mastery of a standard. #miched
  55. @ErinMastin A1 - The best learning takes place when a teacher is brave enough to let go of the control and let the kids go for it #miched
  56. A: Allowing Ss to have choice in their learning and delivery of growth. Reflection is also important #michED
  57. A1: Making sure students leave the classroom with a true understanding of the topic,not just short term memorizing for tests #miched #TED350
  58. Steve from Detroit area math high school long time listener first time caller #miched
  59. #miched A1: Would love to ask students this question. Bet we'd get interesting responses.
  60. @mjcraw I love the “they drive”. Not the teacher, State or standards. We have to fight that a lot. #miched
  61. A1 Creating a roadmap for success and then giving autonomy to their learning #miched
  62. Yes. Student goal setting and conferring are great ways to help Ss "own" their learning more. #miched  https://twitter.com/ronhoutman/status/702661699090976768 
  63. Samantha Steffes secondary education math major at Adrian college #miched #TED350 @MichelleK929
  64. A1: it means recognizing that all true learning must be owned and personalized #miched
  65. A1: show them the way but let them find their path #miched
  66. A1: Curriculum defines where Ss need to go, THEY create the map on how to get there #miched
  67. A1 personal standards has a large part to do with it. Standards of work. #miched
  68. A1) allowing students to self reflect and evaluate their progress helps them take ownership of their learning #michED
  69. A1: allowing students to create a product that demonstrates their mastery #miched
  70. A1: Having students stop an evaluate their own work, instead of teacher always evaluating it for them. #miched
  71. .@ErinMastin It's obviously easier said than done. But learning takes a different, deeper form when it's self-determined #miched
  72. A1: Students know the target, but have choice in how they achieve it #miched
  73. @alyscrimger we are all learners too. We love to hear your passion and great ideas! #miched
  74. A1) Trusting in your students and giving them choices in your classroom! #miched
  75. Happy snow day everyone. My name is CJ and I am a 4th grade teacher at Jonesville Elementary. #miched
  76. @julie_caplan That is where the choice comes in. When Ss have choice they have voice and that gives them the feeling ownership. #miched
  77. @RMWynkoop Thanks! but I also know that when rubber meets the road this is easier said than done. cc: @ErinMastin #miched
  78. A1: I like the idea of "Allowing" them to take ownership. #miched
  79. @A2MrsV so much research on how voice & choice lead to higher intrinsic motivation, leading to self-directed lifelong learners #miched
  80. @MichelleBarsh Do students get to direct and decide the target? It's not true choice if it's overly circumscribed. #miched
  81. A1: Students taking ownership in their learning and exploring the varied directions it can take them. #miched
  82. Alaina, Ed tech at #teamjxn hopping in. Lots of chaos here in the Sharp household tonight. #miched pic.twitter.com/SSYeAYEPc5
  83. Late intro. Sorry. Jeff from Hamilton. 7th grade spec ed and @STREAMSchool co-teacher #michED
  84. A1 if you get 30 of the same thing at the end of the unit, Ss did not own the learning :) #miched
  85. @mjcraw Agree! You will get a lot more out of a Ss who was able to choose. There is a connection that is necessary when Ss choose. #miched
  86. A1: To empower them w/ confidence & allow them an active role in their education #michED @michEDchat
  87. The chat can move quickly. @ErinMastin will tweet question using "Q" &number. Respond with "A" & corresponding number. Don't forget #miched
  88. @samsteffes1 trust is so important! I saw it make a huge difference this year when I told Ss I trusted them to make right choices #miched
  89. A1: Within the context of the objective, students need to have some choice on where specifically they go with hitting that obj #miched
  90. Moving on! Q2: What prevents teachers and schools from giving their students ownership of their learning? #miched
  91. A1: Letting the students make choices and decisions about what they learn. #miched
  92. @ErinMastin Yes. And they will get a lot more out of themselves when they own it... in the same way that we (adults) all do #miched
  93. @jurczak couldn't have said it better...giving students autonomy and accountability so they develop that higher order thinking #MichEd
  94. A1: Ownership means possessing, having power over something. For students, that means having some control. #miched  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/own 
  95. @benbobowski If something is engaging and important to the student, learning always happens #miched
  96. A2 For a lot of Ts, there is a fear of giving up control in the classroom, esp with pressure from teacher evals #miched
  97. @sharpsgalore Glad you are stopping by #miched Glad we got to meet this past weekend at #miflip16
  98. A2: Wanting standardized outcomes that fit our standardized tests #miched
  99. What are some specific ways that you help facilitate the learning? #miched
  100. A2: The amount of testing. Fear of evaluations and test scores. #miched
  101. Dean from Hamilton here. A2 - The dreaded TTWWADI (That’s the way we've always done it) #miched
  102. A2: state testing, worrying about gpa and time to teach it awesome instead of to be a good test taker #miched
  103. A2: Time, the amount of standards, rigid schedule each day. Need to be creative with choice so Ss have a little say. #miched
  104. A2 it's tough to give up control and easy to imagine worst possible scenario #miched
  105. A2: Fear. It's scary to yield control, especially to youth who are often perceived as "immature" or "unprepared" to wield it #miched
  106. A1 I feel choice is so important, but I do have some Ss that struggle with that freedom, sometimes they need it narrowed down. #miched
  107. @jdahlcroslex It's tough for a teacher (especially a new one) to give up control and trust that learning will happen #miched
  108. A2: Teachers may focus on Ss meeting the benchmarks and standards and do not feel there is time to give students this freedom. #miched
  109. A2 Fear that they did not 'cover' everthing if Ss have too much choice and voice in topics. Or they don't "look" like Ts if evalu. #miched
  110. A2: teachers are worried about fulfilling the state standards, which limits what they do in their classrooms. #miched #TED350
  111. A2 Also time - it takes more time to do things like self-assessment, lot of front loading to make sure Ss understand and do it right #miched
  112. @ErinMastin A2 having to teach to the test, worrying more about high grades as opposed to true progression in the individual #miched #TED350
  113. A2: FEAR, control .... Would teachers have jobs if Students realized they control their learning? #miched
  114. A2: I believe that is when you are looking for a specific pathway to a desired outcome. Unless that is math, it seems too mechanical #miched
  115. Agreed!! Their learning becomes their GPS as we guide and recalculate towards the destination! #miched  https://twitter.com/benbobowski/status/702663140358619136 
  116. Q2: We use a school model that is predicated on uniformity, adult needs, compliance, accountability, rank and order #miched
  117. A2: I also think there are systemic and institutional constraints that Ts struggle to navigate, through no fault of their own. #miched
  118. @kithard Still have projects from (?x) years ago where Ss "owned" their learning from our lit study. Loved their interpretations. #miched
  119. A2: Ts get uncomfortable when things aren't easily quantifiable or controlled #miched
  120. A2. Time, time, and time. Never enough to get through everything, planning, conferring as much as need, meeting standards & goals. #miched
  121. For those of you trying to keep up, we're on Q2! Remember, respond with "Q" and 2 - then your answer and #miched  https://youtu.be/QajhJpPKy_w 
  122. A2: the sooner a student owns their learning the better. It gets really messy the longer it takes. #michED
  123. A2 As teachers, we love being in control! The unknown of what could result from giving students ownership is nerve-wracking. #miched
  124. A2 It feels out of control, Like the Ss aren't actually learning, but playing instead. #miched
  125. A2: The lack of uncertainty that comes with change after doing something one way for so long. #miched
  126. A2: Teachers struggle to facilitate and guide students going in different directions. #miched
  127. What are some "on-going" projects that you use in the classroom? This could be used during genius hour as well #miched
  128. @gregeding Thanks for joining #miched tonight! Hoping I get a text from you soon! :)
  129. A2: I think, too, that when folks call go against the status quo, in can make people uncomfortable or upset #miched
  130. @blocht574 I was told 17 years ago we'd be out of jobs because of online courses... #miched #smh
  131. @ChandlerBrown1 Yes! We fall into that fear as teachers. We need to stop and do what is right for Ss. It’ll all fall into place. #miched
  132. A2: sometimes it takes times to teach how to own and buy in. This causes change and sometimes change is not always accepted #miched
  133. A2: Thinking K-2 needs large amount of scaffolding&guidelines; however, always impressed with the learning that happens with choice #michED
  134. A2) fear of falling student achievement and pressure from state testing #michED
  135. A2 not giving students many choices in what they learn #miched
  136. A2: the fear that it will get out of hand, that students won't learn the objective, or that your principal will not approve. #miched
  137. @benbobowski @ronhoutman Do Ss reference their goals in their work/assignments? Does it lead T/S convos & feedback? #miched
  138. @PhysicsGuyTighe YEAH well online courses don't work if students don't realize they are in control #miched
  139. A2 - Students should always know what they're learning and where they are - and have a system of keeping track of those. #miched
  140. A2 it can be exhausting! it is messy it is out of our control! but are they really learning without it? #miched
  141. A2) it is easier to assign one thing and have students take one assessment. Less unknown. #miched
  142. @jRoon44 I run into this in my own classroom. Sts aren't comfy with being in charge of their learning, and Ps aren't either. #miched
  143. A2 The courage to do something different that challenges simply being compliant. #miched
  144. A2 - I believe some teachers don't think that students will own their own learning, "they just want to socialize and play games." #miched
  145. A2- many parents fear a different approach and often not worth the headache of defending yourself #miched
  146. @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames What strategies exist to ensure the messiness is not just a mess? #miched
  147. Joe from St Joe happy to connect #miched prepping for maker session tomorrow for METS virtual rally
  148. @CarinaHilbert new doesn’t always mean exciting, even though this process can be life changing! #miched
  149. A2: Some teachers may be reluctant to give up complete control of students' learning @michEDchat #michED
  150. When I mistakenly take ownership away from Ss it's usually due to an over-focus on my goals for the lesson #miched  https://twitter.com/ErinMastin/status/702663180275818496 
  151. @TrevorTutors Ultimately we do Right.... When students realize they can learn on own without guidance: NO need for school #michED
  152. A2 Ts may not know how to implement it, they are used to front of the room lecture style of teaching. #miched
  153. The process of autonomous learning is when we take different paths, to a desired outcome. That is the desired creativity #miched
  154. @boskm When I worry too much about other people getting upset, it usually isn't something I should worry about, right? #miched
  155. @jRoon44 True, but the real problem is that different is often interpreted as not doing our job right. #miched
  156. A2: A mistake is to think that control and constraints is the best tactic for achieving the goals you seek. #miched
  157. @blocht574 giving Ss choices is so huge. Hard for us Ts to give up control sometimes but has to happen. #miched
  158. A2 Fear of test data not matching learning going on in the classroom. If I don't teach how we test, will Ss struggle on assessments? #miched
  159. @jRoon44 @CarinaHilbert keeping students comfortable while also giving them multiple different ways to own their learning #miched #ted350
  160. A2: sometimes the best way to engage and challenge and stimulate is to loosen up a bit. #miched https://t.co/E08GsrYpzY
    A2: sometimes the best way to engage and challenge and stimulate is to loosen up a bit. #miched pic.twitter.com/E08GsrYpzY
  161. @bsleeman25 @blocht574 I think choice is a good place for Ts and Ss to start for this reason. #scaffolding #miched
  162. A2: I often see Ss just parroting objs and not owning them. How can we get them to own their learning when they're T-dependent? #miched
  163. @csteenst @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames we talk a lot about showing accountability. Ss don’t need to own everything…Ts can a bit. #miched
  164. @ekdahljames Absolutely, but pressure from others when doing something new or outside norm can be uncomfortable enough to prevent it #miched
  165. @ChandlerBrown1 @jRoon44 I agree, sure, but again, when it's different, many Ps interpret it as the T not doing his/her job. #miched
  166. @mikebrown145 @jdahlcroslex Mike and Jeff, two of my fav male elem teachers chatting together. Love #miched !
  167. This is a battle that admins have to support their teachers on so Ps understand the soft skills being taught #miched  https://twitter.com/CarinaHilbert/status/702665507594506242 
  168. @iTeachHarts We want to guide as teachers. It is natural. Ss don’t always need total ownership. Co-own :-) #miched
  169. @mjcraw @MichelleBarsh sometimes need to balance, esp with younger Ss, to guide towards targets we know are important. #miched
  170. @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames I'm not saying it has to be neat but what supports can be provided to teachers to help them be effective? #miched
  171. A2 Our own ego, our own fear of risk taking...our kids are capable of amazing things with just a bit of guidance:) #miched
  172. @boskm I think every teacher needs a group of colleagues to challenge them, to encourage them, and to support them w/ "new" ideas #miched
  173. A2: it can be a time consuming, daunting...Ts are often in survival mode #miched
  174. Twitter chat tip: Don't worry about keeping up with stream. Respond and connect with 1 or 2 ppl. Can catch archive later #miched
  175. A2: Time for buy-in and teaching how to do it, some are overwhelmed with the management. #miched
  176. @csteenst @jdahlcroslex Teachers are going to make mistakes and they have to know that they are supported, even when things go wrong #miched
  177. @mcculloughmg I agree entirely, but that means admins have to put their jobs on the line for our innovation, and that's scary. #miched
  178. @sharpsgalore Good point. Student ownership is NOT less work for Ts. Different kind of organization process required, not LESS #miched
  179. @csteenst @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames I think we need to allow Ts to fail forward in this area it will take time to prefect #miched
  180. @NoviAcademics I think of the driver’s training car...control is there if we need to take over but Ss have their hands on the wheel. #miched
  181. @ErinMastin @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames Yes, Erin. I think some concrete examples of accountability would help teachers. #miched
  182. A2: If we do not eventually allow students to apply what they are learning in meaningful projects, but will deep learning occur? #miched
  183. Q3: Some schools have gone as far as including students in creating school policy and curriculum. What would be a benefit to this? #miched
  184. @RMWynkoop @sharpsgalore So true - I think even more work so you have everything ready for all Ss. Diff pace, level, etc. #miched
  185. Moving to teacher as activator is difficult, many don't like change. It can be easy to slip back into old habits of T in control #miched
  186. @CarinaHilbert that's exciting...not scary. Innovation is well worth it for this Admin! #miched
  187. @corytimmer Hmm - I can say yes to that! Best advice, invite P in and ask them to watch. Let them see you doing your job. #Miched
  188. A3) the benefit to this is students would really feel as if they had an ownership of and connection to their school and its policies #miched
  189. A3 Hard to argue with a policy you helped put in place right? :) #miched
  190. A3 One of the finest moments I have ever witnessed was our @Novi_HighSchool kids pitching a class to our BOE:) #stuvoice #miched
  191. @iTeachHarts especially for the younger students. Meet kids where they are at. #miched
  192. @csteenst @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames how about time to conference with students regularly to keep a finger on the learning's pulse #miched
  193. @CarinaHilbert @mcculloughmg I always felt I had to prove myself as traditional T first before trying more innovative methods #miched :(
  194. A3: One place Student voice is included is on district reproductive health advisory. Important voice #miched #1PHASD
  195. A3: if everyone has a voice into the policy then the buy in can be bigger #miched
  196. A3 - Those that have a voice in the rules and policies tend to follow said policies and rules. #miched
  197. A3) I think students are more likely to follow rules and respect the school policies if they helped create them #michED
  198. Students are responsible for their learning and we are responsible for making the learning dynamic #miched
  199. @ErinMastin A3 - When we care what students think and include them, it makes them value school and our role in their learning #miched
  200. A3: Ss are the primary stakeholder. They need to feel valued to be invested. #miched
  201. A3: Recently asked Ss what they want to learn in upcoming unit. Some ideas can't be incorporated,but many can! Ownership of learning #miched
  202. A3: Ss have a voice. Sadly I think they feel as though they don't many times. School is something that "happens to them". #miched
  203. A2: Lots of moving parts (state tests/curriculum/standards/etc) makes it scary to give students more ownership #miched
  204. @jurczak @mcculloughmg I think this is true, too, for many, if not most of us. It's the system. #miched
  205. @amybrowns @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames Devil's advocate: my student leaves my class a master of Minecraft but can't read. What then? #miched
  206. A3: giving Ss the opportunity to plan and create their own academic goals gives them the motivation to actually reach them #miched #TED350
  207. A3 Ownership, what a great opportunity for those Ss. #miched
  208. A3 - some S would feel ownership in creating curricula - this could be accomplished by letting Ss craft guiding questions #miched
  209. A3: In the SBG world in @HamiltonSchools we practice unpacking standards with Ss. Quite an eye opening experience as a T #miched
  210. A3: It keeps students' voices front and center- for instance, we included students on the hiring committee for our principal search #miched
  211. A3: It encourages students to take an active role in their learning, which helps build motivation. #miched
  212. A3 To teach students the power of their voice. Show them we care about their ideas and the large scale difference they can make #miched
  213. A3: Empowerment, building future leaders, different perspective, etc. #miched
  214. @CarinaHilbert @jurczak If eval tools are used correctly they should be catalysts for inovative Ss centered learning NOT traditional #miched
  215. @bsleeman25 I can understand that but shouldn’t they have a voice in it. Being heard=feeling ownership.Ts should have the same voice.#miched
  216. A3: hey @youthdriven: what are the benefits to authorizing youth to serve as leaders and decision-makers? #miched
  217. A3: Students can advocate for themselves. Increase participation. #miched
  218. A3: Benefits: increased student interest in learning and sense of worth in school, more positive viewpoint on school #miched
  219. A3: The students feel empowered and can't wait to learn. #miched
  220. A3 for day to day policies, I think student input helps make sure they're heard. #miched
  221. @csteenst i guess we see "owning their learning" in different lights, while I want student voice and choice, The buffet is limited #miched
  222. A3: Anyone out there having Ss create rubrics? Would love to see examples of this. #miched
  223. @csteenst @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames Are we talking standards or ability? Kid can read, just not text the "school" way #miched 1/2
  224. A3 As a HS principal, I worked with our kids to create our school expectations: Listen Learn Exert Respect - the kids nailed it:) #miched
  225. @mcculloughmg @jurczak Eval tools are often used to punish, though. It's easy to misuse them, I think. #miched
  226. Q3: Social Contract idea. If Ss create rules and norms for how they should interact with each other, they take it more seriously #michED
  227. @emilyrg30 I agree! When we believe in a student, they start to believe in themselves #miched
  228. A3 involving Ss in curriculum allows them to better understand why they learn what they do giving them more of a reason to care #miched
  229. A3: students have a chance to make real change. If students don't take it seriously it can go down hill real fast. #miched
  230. @ErinMastin A3: it's easier to hold people accountable for goals and metrics they set for themselves rather than imposed #miched
  231. Q3 part b: What would be a downfall to this? Add this to the mix. #miched
  232. A3 higher motivation when given a voice, Ss have some choice in what and how they learn #miched
  233. Family time calls!!! Thanks for including me #MichEd 'ers have a lovely evening!
  234. A3 it would also give Ss a better understanding into the "why" we teach and do certain things. #miched
  235. A3: it would allow for teachers to tap into students' strengths and passions. However, we need to make sure Ts guide our curriculum #miched
  236. A3: everything of importance benefits. Decisions are better-informed. Ss are more engaged. Ts are more engaged, bcuz Ss are engaged. #miched
  237. A3: developing WE is about giving control. The trick is developing parameters that all can live with. #miched
  238. @jdahlcroslex Not in different lights. I was trying to draw out some specifics to the process (e.g. providing guided choice/buffet) #miched
  239. @csteenst @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames 2/2 MCFT players have frequently read plenty of MCFT text; and maybe 4a min don't hate school #miched
  240. A3: Downfall: time management in the classroom: it is already hard to cover everything for a year, and this would add more. #miched
  241. A3b: Often the only Ss heard are the overly involved. Need to hear from the disenfranchised more. #miched
  242. A3: What a great perspective to give our Ss as well...allow them to see what goes into that process! #miched
  243. A3b The potential that we would not honor their voice:( #miched
  244. A3: Students don't always have the full picture, so they may not understand the importance of certain policies #miched
  245. A3 - At the very least, we could involve students in project ideation around the standards we might be covering. #miched
  246. @CarinaHilbert @jurczak Misuse is usually done by the untrained or uncomfortable. Leaders secure in themselves never use that way #miched
  247. A3 Ss may give a fresh perspective and ideas to policy and curriculum, Ss may not be able to change it, maybe they will improve it #miched
  248. A3b: It takes *more* time and intentionality, but should ultimately lead to a better result #miched
  249. A3B: Holes in curriculum, possible lack of making deep connections. #miched
  250. A3b: outmoded teachers become disgruntled, work to undermine and dismantle a more democratic and humane approach to education? #miched
  251. A3 D - balance giving student voice w/ ed best practices, district/state requirements - how do we make sure they line up? #miched
  252. A3 I don't see any downside in allowing the Ss to have a say in and understand what they come to school every day for. #miched #ted350
  253. A3b) Sometimes decisions are made b/c of other issues Ss don't need to know. Would be tough to have them in sometimes but not others #miched
  254. A3b: Might only represent the voice of a certain population of students. #miched
  255. @boskm I often don’t see the full picture! :-) If I was included in making policy I might understand other things better. #miched
  256. A3: Ss chosen to help w/curr & policy are Ss who are engaged anyway. How do we involve Ss w/curr choices who aren't usually engaged? #MichEd
  257. A3B: Downfall... Holes in learning, Students deciding certain content might not be needed for their long term goals #miched
  258. Q3b) a downfall is that some kids might not take it seriously and not consider policies that would truly help the school #miched
  259. A3B Ss may be unrealistic in what they want to do, may not feel their ideas are valued. #miched
  260. A2: Time constraints are (sadly) usually the main reason when I find myself giving Ss less choice. Looking for ways to give more. #miched
  261. A3b: Downfall: Being able to honor every Ss ideas #miched
  262. A3b: It will most likely be difficult for students to come to a consensus. They have so many different interests. #michED @michEDchat
  263. @blocht574 Aren't there already "holes" in learning? And who's to say they'd be wrong? Ultimately, it is THEIR learning, is it not? #miched
  264. Hi #miched Carl from Emerald Oz A3) Ss have an insight of what they do and don't know. they have seen the sequential experience
  265. A3B: We are eating Bosco sticks and candy everyday:) #miched
  266. A3:b it would take time to implement what the Ss planned, there already isn't enough time to teach what they need #miched #TED350
  267. @mikebrown145 Ss have value far beyond FTEs they bring skills, experiences, and insight we don't have #miched
  268. challenging to choose a representative group of S. It is definitely possible- how would we choose what to privilege in S? #miched #miched
  269. @CarinaHilbert @mcculloughmg So true! Great leaders know how to guide others, have trust in them to innovate, and be role models #miched
  270. To prep for this I read an article about Ss who helped to choose their text books. How cool is that?! That is some voice! #miched
  271. @sharpsgalore could take less time in the long run if students don't resent or see their work as unnecessary #miched #ted350
  272. @EmilyJaffe15 good point - what works for some Ss might not work for others. How do we make sure to honor all voices? #miched
  273. A3: Would a #Sudbury model work on a large scale? It's not like Ss HAVE to be involved in policy making. #miched  http://sudburyschool.com/content/sudbury-model-education 
  274. @mjcraw Agreed, not a true issue but in the STANDARDIZED world it is #michED
  275. @corytimmer These are the kids that we usually should be listening to. #miched
  276. @amybrowns @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames Both. Recall that started w/ "Devil's Advocate". I'm interested in specifics of implementing #miched
  277. A3: It's about simply giving them the OPPORTUNITY to have a voice. #miched
  278. Here I sit until the 2300 hour waiting to make a decision on whether we’ll be open or closed tomorrow. Never easy. #MichED
  279. A3: I think one of the hardest things to recognize is that none of this can happen over night. It takes time and that's hard for ts. #miched
  280. @MsRoberts16 @michEDchat What better way to learn to be democratic than thru debate and listening and communication! #miched
  281. Don’t be shy! Q4: What does student ownership of learning look like in your classroom? Share your successes and failures. #miched
  282. @csteenst @jdahlcroslex @ekdahljames you have to find a balance and be comfortable with some messiness. we've come full circle #miched
  283. A4: Genius Hour: An hour every Friday is dedicated to student research and creation of a project of their choice. Ss love it! #miched
  284. @ end of week, I ask S to share my strenghts/challenges as a T 4 that week. Then S reflect on their strengths/challenges #Miched #miched
  285. A4: I try to tap into what they want to be when they grow up, and try to find connections in the curriculum to hit those goals #miched
  286. A4: When in the classroom I use to let me student choose the reading/article they wanted to complete the assignment. #miched
  287. A4 One of my fav activities - ask Ss what they like about your classroom & what they would change. And actually listen w/ open mind #miched
  288. A4: A modified version of SBG helped Ss own what they knew and what they didn't b/c they could clearly see and verbalize it #miched
  289. A4: Student-led conversations, classroom jobs, self-assessments. #miched
  290. We're on Q4 What does student ownership of learning look like in your classroom? Share your successes and failures. #miched
  291. We're on Q4 What does student ownership of learning look like in your classroom? Share your successes and failures. #miched
  292. @jenna_greiner has it always gone well for you? I know some that struggle. Would love to hear your advice. #miched
  293. A4: Ss get 30 min a day of choice time in 2nd grade. They choose what type of literacy activity they want to do. #miched
  294. @jenna_greiner Isn't it odd that Genius Hour is limited to one hour each week? What would it be like if it were Genius All-the-Time? #miched
  295. A4 all students raising their hands to answer questions & excitement to present or share what they have learned! #miched #ted350
  296. A4 Very powerful for me - used Google Forms for self-assessment this year w/ 5th graders. They were almost always spot on #miched
  297. A4 one example of giving students ownership of their learning I've used is providing students with options for homework assignments #michED
  298. A4 Best mem was having 7th graders write own Declaration of Independence - me getting called to princ office 4 encouraging rebellion #miched
  299. A4) Students can input the method by which they work, suggest what is not working for them. Open communication based on care #miched
  300. @AnnSmart17 @jenna_greiner What are your thoughts on why Ss may struggle with the freedom of Genius Hour? #miched
  301. A4: In feature article study, students choose something to write about that they are an expert on to teach others #miched
  302. A4: A lot of PBL. WC Ss create sessions about wrtng to help ms Ss transition to hs- they design, promote, & deliver sessions #miched
  303. A4: For me, choice of how & where to work. Not perfect, but better than nothing. Mult. options for test rev #Miched https://t.co/AYmyMaNtPU
    A4: For me, choice of how & where to work. Not perfect, but better than nothing. Mult. options for test rev #Miched pic.twitter.com/AYmyMaNtPU
  304. A4) My students track their progress of standard achievement & create study guides based on their shortcomings. #miched
  305. @corytimmer Often times those Ss have been neglected and overlooked for so long... #miched
  306. @csteenst @amybrowns young Ts (and experienced) need to see admin supporting "less traditional" approaches b4 they will even try it #miched
  307. A4 #miched when they say "can I?" And I say "if you feel it works for you, good idea "
  308. A4: Students actively/collaboratively creating authentic representations or models of their own understanding & meaning making #miched
  309. A4: Ss had the opportunity to research careers & share their learning in a blog. Freedom to choose motivated some, but not all. #miched
  310. A4: I own what the Ss are learning about, they own how to learn about it and from which angle they want to learn from. #miched
  311. A4 let Ss design the classroom, it's their space just as much (if not more) than yours! Shouldn't it be a place they're comfortable? #miched
  312. It isn't always the big things! Start with one way Ss have choice. Where and how to work can be 1st step #miched  https://twitter.com/tmaynard5/status/702670724708868096 
  313. A4: I hope to use 20Time in my classroom!Gives Ss the choice to learn how they want! +, some of the best ideas come from it. #miched #TED350
  314. A4: Success: menus of options within a context. Failure: Not providing clear expectations. #miched
  315. A4: Powerful for me was letting Ss prove to me that they had mastered a concept in their own way for re-takes. #miched
  316. A4: I assign some homework to be due on Friday. I give it to my 3rd graders on Monday, while they can complete it at their pace #miched
  317. @benbobowski it isn't easy to listen to their critiques. But I think it was what helped me grow the most as a teacher #miched
  318. Brandon trying to check-in from Florida, but Sprint isn't cooperating. At least it's not snowing? #miched https://t.co/uCkFEFhzV0
    Brandon trying to check-in from Florida, but Sprint isn't cooperating. At least it's not snowing? #miched pic.twitter.com/uCkFEFhzV0
  319. @jdahlcroslex @csteenst Yes. Or u just come to a point...a breakdown to breakthrough. A time when learning really becomes most imp. #miched
  320. A4: We'll always have failures - as long as we learn from them... then good things will happen - #miched  http://gph.is/1H9bGCw?tc=1 
  321. A4: What if we had choice time every day or week in K-12 schools? Small "Kindergarten" moments for everyone! #miched
  322. A4 opened ended projects instead of worksheets, flipped lessons, #geniushour, choice in seating #miched
  323. A4: May sound simplistic but whenever Ss engaged in authentic/academic peer conversations. Good talk is "owned" #miched
  324. A4: For 2nd gr Ss share every Monday what they worked on in choice time the week before. Accountability! #miched
  325. I really want to do more PBL's. Where are some great resources for these that you know of? #miched
  326. Amen! Heck, let them have a say in developing a rubric. They'll ask why ALL their teachers don't do it. #miched  https://twitter.com/RMWynkoop/status/702670978439061504 
  327. @kithard all ways here to remind us it doesn't have to be lofty thx Kit #miched
  328. I'm lurking. I'm an EduConsultant. #MichEd PhineasAndFerb is more interesting right now.
  329. @mjcraw @jenna_greiner I hear that a lot. Sometimes it helps to make them answer a ?. They can develop the ?, but it keeps a focus. #miched
  330. @RMWynkoop @tmaynard5 so true! Implemented flexible seating this yr and it was their fav part of the classroom #miched
  331. #miched A4 at a very basic level, trying to let students pick apps to complete IEP goals practice with