#michED Chat 12/6/17 - #realtalk about our #michED Schools

A chat about the reality of criticism we face as educators, how we own it, and how we can become better at overcoming it.

  1. Good evening #michED it's time for our weekly chat! Please introduce yourself and tell us where you're from.
  2. Ben tweeting from St. Joseph this evening! Currently serving the Mattawan Consolidated School District as Director of Curriculum & Instructional Technology #michED
  3. Drea from Traverse City checking in and ready to chat! #miched
  4. Rachelle from St. Clair, hang in the Shores as part of @myLSPS during the day. #MichED
  5. Todd here from Warren, MI ... Excited to be here and not a scouts tonight! #miched
  6. @RMWynkoop @myLSPS St Clair has shores too... Wishing I was on Walloon shores but they are probably frozen! #miched
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  10. Lurking is a cool way of learning! Many students do it in class ... But it is so much better to join in #miched
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  12. This evening's chat is a deviation from our usual chat. No preplanned questions this evening. Tonight we're focusing on #realtalk #michED
  13. @MelodyArabo @techsavvyed Great to see you are following along Melody! Hope life is well on the west side! #miched
  14. Cory Timmer, special ed, Zeeland MI, glad to have a few minutes to join #michED
  15. Q1: Schools take a lot of criticism. From parents, from students, from law makers, etc. What criticism about #michED schools gets you really upset? #realtalk
  16. Teachers not being recognized for the work that they do in spite of the mountains placed before them. #MichEd #realtalk  https://twitter.com/techsavvyed/status/938577093117562880 
  17. Hey #miched - it has been a while since I have been in a chat. I teach Visual Arts in West Mi.
  18. A1: That students should have learned "X, Y & Z" in school #miched
  19. A1; Teachers and school are LAZY and not doing their jobs #miched
  20. A1: Not sure if this counts, but I hate the insinuation that teachers aren't working their darn tails off every day. Check out this blog post from Pernille Ripp: "Excuse me while I *just* go innovate"  https://pernillesripp.com/2017/12/02/excuse-me-while-i-just-go-innovate/  #miched
  21. @blocht574 related, that school is only about preparing you for a career (and forgetting the well-rounded person/citizen part) #miched
  22. @spgreenhalgh Totally related and agree! Schools are for learning and if that leads to a career great! #miched
  23. A1: That by having a central clearing house of assessment data, people outside of the classroom will know what happens inside the classroom. #miched #realtalk
  24. I'm hearing a lot of people upset that schools are criticized for teachers not "working hard enough," not being recognized, and that schools should be preparing students for work. #michED
  25. A1 - That American Schools can't / don't stack up with others across the globe! #miched
  26. @spgreenhalgh @blocht574 This has been a main focus for my teaching this year. Yes, I want to educate the kids but allow me to hold them accountable to become well-rounded people. #miched #realtime
  27. A1: That choice matters ... and Parents know what is best for their kids ... (sometimes yes but not always) #miched
  28. A1: I would like to invite community to see work we do. I think crit stems from misunderstanding. #miched
  29. Hi Jeremy from #teamjxn A1) that public schools are failing. That's B.S. because I see success everyday in every school that I get to see in my new position. AND I saw it each day in my own classroom. #michED
  30. @blocht574 I think that choice DOES matter. But that actually means fewer grad requirements and the ability to offer more courses to students in the school. that. already. exists. #miched
  31. @DreaWeiner @blocht574 glad to hear other voices chime in about this—thought it was just my experience as a (former) French teacher 😜 #miched
  32. A1: That school is about the content knowledge!!! #miched
  33. I'm starting to hear comments about wanting people outside of schools to have a better understanding of what happens inside classrooms #michED
  34. A1: That teaching is an easy JOB! ..... UM it is a career and DAMN hard one at that! #miched
  35. Q2: Let's own the criticism we're talking about right now. What do we do poorly when it comes to addressing criticism of #michED schools? #realtalk
  36. @techsavvyed Yes, how do we do this? And how do we remain open to the need in the "real" world that they are not seeing as a result of school? #partnerships #MichED
  37. @blocht574 One that doesn't always allow for sanity time when teachers become overwhelmed. #miched
  38. A2: We don't often correct others, share our stories or invite others in to see. Too often we just bitch to the choir .... #miched
  39. A2: Teachers have to stop gripping publicly ... many jobs are hard we need to show our talents and allow our awesome to shine! #miched
  40. A2: I often let my colleagues get away with blaming outside factors about school problems rather than asking them to consider if there's any truth to it. #michED
  41. A2: Sometimes educators match negative criticism with negative responses. We will not stand to gain any understanding with that approach. Just promote the positive things that are happening in your school community. #miched
  42. A2: Teachers have to stop publicly CHEERING snow-days and bragging about summers in the sun #miched
  43. Yes, I love this! It's so easy to fight negativity by just reflecting back out there! Have to learn to get past that. #michED  https://twitter.com/lsrodgerspe/status/938580725577781248 
  44. A2) We don't speak up. I've always been too reclusive in sharing the success that I saw. When I hear the criticism first hand, I rarely engage. Our tribe stays away from conflict. We don't search it out or feel comfy w/ it. #michED
  45. A2: I think we are poor at making gutsy decisions about things we can control. Yes, we have a lot of pressure on us...what can we as a building or district DO to alleviate it? #miched
  46. A2: We've allowed non-educators to say that we are too close to schools to be experts in the discussion. #miched What does that even mean?
  47. We had awesome turnout for our @FamilyCodeNight event tonight @ElemColoma! Great time for all. Hard to get families to leave. Taught computation and problem solving skills! #HourOfCode #michED #EdTech https://t.co/LAUg91MoPg
    We had awesome turnout for our @FamilyCodeNight event tonight @ElemColoma! Great time for all. Hard to get families to leave. Taught computation and problem solving skills! #HourOfCode #michED #EdTech pic.twitter.com/LAUg91MoPg
  48. @RMWynkoop @techsavvyed I work w/community members wanting to help Ts in the classroom. There needs to be a healthy conversation about what the schools need from the community and that the community aren't experts in education but are willing to help where they can.. Let's work together! #MichEd
  49. A2: We don't brush it off and focus on the things that actually matter. Haters gonna hate. #miched
  50. A2: start by being what you want to see. Think about concentric circles of influence, where you are that first ripple of positive impact #miched
  51. A2: We allow things outside our control to control our emotions #miched
  52. @techsavvyed And often we are doing what we complain about... making judgements about things we haven’t seen or been a part of like Ss Home lives. #miched
  53. @techsavvyed I agree that the messaging needs to remain positive. With that said, we get to be angry when the messages about schools are lies! We aren't failing. #miched
  54. Alright, I feel question three formulating around thoughts about making judgements, owning negativity, and addressing colleagues. #michED
  55. Letting go of the ego and view the criticism through their eyes. Ask yourself if there is truth in their feedback? Assume they are speaking from a good place. #MichEd  https://twitter.com/techsavvyed/status/938579710178746369 
  56. Q3: What judgements do we make about others either inside or outside our school that we need to get over? #michED #realtalk
  57. @sharpsgalore You're so right... I always tell my Ss we can be part of the solution, or part of the problem, and the best part is, we get to decide which! #miched
  58. This is a tough one for me. I think when you throw your heart and soul into something, it's easy to be defensive. Instead, I could reflect on the criticism: Is it something worth spending time and energy on to improve? Or are there more worthy battles to fight? #miched  https://twitter.com/techsavvyed/status/938581592171274240 
  59. Judging people's motives for being/not being involved in their S's education. It can fester and negatively come out when working with the Ss. Ss deserve better. Work with what you've got. #MichEd #realtalk  https://twitter.com/techsavvyed/status/938582262131712000 
  60. A3: Teachers vs Admin .... the us vs them dynamic ... we are all in this together #miched
  61. FYI, I know these are difficult questions, and many may not be prepared to answer them in an open forum. Thank you to those that are willing to share. #michED #realtalk
  62. @techsavvyed Teaching is only a part time job. You work only 9 months out of the year and are done by 3pm everyday. #michEd #realtalk
  63. Sometimes we get in our own heads and feel like so many people are hating. In reality, I think we have celebrity status from most. #miched  https://twitter.com/techsavvyed/status/938582262131712000 
  64. A3: That teachers sharing are trying to one up/ brag #miched
  65. A3: Judging what happens in other classrooms .... (Did you observe their class) #miched
  66. A3) We need to bail on the idea that teachers have to solve problems in their own. We get a lot more done through collaboration. We often don't try that path first, second or even third. #michED
  67. A3: Student that act out really do want to be there. They are frustrated with class/home life/personal issues. We need to remind ourselves to be there for them. #miched
  68. @conrad_chris Hey that is real! Districts put on radio adds, billboards to steal our students! (and they are mean at sports events) #miched
  69. A3: As a central office administrator that works a lot with community members, it can be difficult for me to not come into a building carrying that "what's wrong here" outsider attitude with me. #michED #realtalk
  70. @bethetigger Good point! I think it is human nature to assume that the silent majority is against us rather than with us. That is probably not the case though.#michEd
  71. @conrad_chris I truly wish districts were not a VS game but we are eating each other up: Staff jumping in mid year and subs #miched
  72. @sharpsgalore Consistent meditation and a strong yoga practice have helped a lot for me in this regard. When I'm away from my mat too long I find myself holding onto my negativity like a security blanket. #miched #realtalk
  73. Use our students in the process of idea sharing, curriculum revising, or procedure redesign. They have some of the best ideas. #miched  https://twitter.com/jertuller/status/938583794285793280 
  74. Folks, I'm loving all the #realtalk about owning criticism and negativity in our #michED schools, especially how we carry around some of the baggage ourselves without realizing it at times.
  75. @conrad_chris right it sure does feel that way... same funder and all! #miched
  76. @corytimmer @conrad_chris ok so why the signs? and ads? (YES I get it! they are ALL our students) this school competition thing over them has to stop! #miched
  77. A3: We need to work together as a team, support each other, and see the best in everyone. #miched
  78. So let's start bringing this around to some positive take-aways this evening #michED We don't want to wallow too much in our self-criticism.
  79. What do y'all do when you're faced with a really negative person in the school? I mean their frustration is understandable but it's having negative impacts on those around them. #miched #realtalk
  80. Q4: Is anyone willing to share a moment when they allowed themselves to be vulnerable with a colleague or community member, and it turned out well? #michED #realtalk
  81. Honestly? I avoid those pockets. They give me anxiety and impact my mood. Terrible answer, I know. #miched  https://twitter.com/dreaweiner/status/938586234569535489 
  82. @corytimmer @conrad_chris iron sharpens iron but what we are doing is shiny new beats old and gray ... creates too many inequities and doesn't life everybody up #miched
  83. @lsrodgerspe @corytimmer @conrad_chris Does it pay off? or just shift the money and students around? since we have a one payer system we need to manage ALL of this better #michED ( how do they know the ads pay off? our district 1/3 school of choice no ads
  84. A4: I have started sharing with my co-workers more often when I don't understand why they're making certain choices, and asking them to help me understand by explaining it to me. Getting over my anxiety of looking "stupid" #michED #realtalk
  85. @techsavvyed As a coach, it should be handled by the principal? I've been dealing with it by leaving the room, refusing to acknowledge it, or give my voice director's answer in the you know better smile. However, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere... #realtalk #miched
  86. A4: When I was a younger T and a SIT member I had a tough conversation with a veteran T who felt threatened by some (necessary) changes that were being made in our building. After understanding each other’s perspective we agreed to support each other’s mission. #miched
  87. You are absolutely right. I will say this: Positive energy, work ethic rubs off on people. I try to model it, and hope that helps. #miched  https://twitter.com/techsavvyed/status/938587048893648896 
  88. A4: In those moments when I simply listen to Ps, quit trying to convince them I know best or prove what I'm doing is working, and listen to the message, not the tone or delivery, I learn a ton about my Ss. #miched
  89. I had a moment w/a fellow educator regarding a partnership issue that exposed some pretty raw problems. It morphed into a productive what are our options conversation series. It hasn't solved the issue but it's resolved some pieces. #miched  https://twitter.com/techsavvyed/status/938586335316717569 
  90. A4) I got wore out a couple years ago. I finally answered the "are you okay" with something other than "I'm fine" it tuned out the person was feeling the same thing. We worked together to pull ourselves out of it. We challenged each other daily. It added needed energy #michED
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    🍎 #EduGladiators continues our December series: 'Making an Impact' SATURDAY with our CORE Warrior @SaneeBell leading the convo on The Power of Teacher Engagement! #Fledchat #earlylang #miched #suptchat #fearlessedchat #bmoreedchat #ohedchat #educoach #scitlap #arvrinedu #ptchat pic.twitter.com/HMEgJKlNVu
  92. Great job! @techsavvyed awesome questions and conversation y’all! #miched
  93. Thank you everyone for being willing to go on a #realtalk journey with me this evening for the #michED chat, it was for humbling.
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  95. @techsavvyed BEN! Hopefully I'll be able to #realtalk in #reallife with you soon. :) #miched Lots of good things to think about tonight. Thanks for leading!
  96. @lsrodgerspe @corytimmer @conrad_chris Yeah tough question but it isn’t good for the ones that matter most students so it needs to be fixed by whoever controls it... #miched local leaders need to collaborate or they will all be up a Creek
  97. @techsavvyed Great job facilitating! Love the thought provoking, spur of the moment questions. #realtalk #miched