#michED Chat 12/20/17 - Teach to Lead

A chat about teacher leadership, and helping educators make committed change for all students in their school.

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  2. Hello #miched! I'm so excited for tonight's chat! ~ Drea, Traverse City, MI
  3. Hey everyone, welcome to #miched chat, Matt McCullough, Director of Innovation at Schoolcraft Schools and excited about our topic of Teacher Leadership tonight! pic.twitter.com/yaYWAQFg2p
  4. #miched Heather Gauck excited to be chatting about Teacher Leadership and even more excited to share the opportunity coming up in March! Powered by Teach to Lead.....
  5. @TeachMrB Welcome Mike! The Northern part of MI is in the lead for intros! #miched
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  7. Hi #MichEd! Time got away from me while I was putting the kiddos to bed! Super excited to talk tonight!
  8. Chris from Allegan checking into #miched. Just put my son to bed.
  9. Hi everyone Jeremy from #teamjxn where I'm enjoying my new position. #Miched
  10. #miched Bonus question while we wait.. tell who your favorite leader of all time and why
  11. PS In Kelley-HS ELA and leadership T from Rochester MI #MichEd
  12. @jertuller Welcome, Jeremy! Congrats on the new position and good luck with @mrsdls and @sharpsgalore ... heard they can be a handful ;) #miched pic.twitter.com/DRwCp8ydPM
  13. Not too late to join #miched...even if you aren't from MI you can talk teacher leadership!
  14. #miched Q1 What do you envision teacher leadership looking like in your school or district?
  15. @Aricfoster2 Welcome @Aricfoster2 ... little birdie told me you applied for TTL at GETS... super cool! #miched
  16. #miched Chatters, don't forget the format is Q1, Q2, Q3 and you answer A1, A2, A3! Just holler if you need a hand!
  17. A1 #miched Serious voice in decision making for Ts. Not just a mouthpiece for decisions already made.
  18. #miched A1 I would love to see more distributive models where administrators and teacher leaders share the load!
  19. A1: TL for me means having Ts take responsibility and ownership for a variety of things once given to admin or curric. Giving Ts deeper roles in the building #MichEd
  20. A1: I see teacher Leadership as teachers being committed to help make change for all students in a school, not just their own. #michED
  21. A1 Teachers being part of the decision making and implementation of school and district initiatives... growing to do the same for MDE and #mileg! #miched pic.twitter.com/2A6hqIpzlq
  22. A1: Teacher Leaders organizing #edcamp style PD, popping into #pineapplechart classrooms, and publishing positive district #epicwins #Miched
  23. @conrad_chris Love this. Don't ask our opinion and then just fill in your own regardless of what we say! #miched
  24. A1: Ts taking the lead in school-wide initiatives from farm-to-table like programs to curriculum discussions. Ts & admin putting the Ss first. Principals working w/their Ts to ensure that the community and culture of the school is set for high quality learning. #MichEd  https://twitter.com/heathergauck/status/943649956119924736 
  25. A1) Teachers leading teachers is an amazing thing. When those that want to lead and are doing those things that want to be seen, it promotes a change in the entire staff. It's not hard to do and the value is great. I am a personal witness in what it can do for a teacher. #Miched
  26. Hi #Miched! Sarah from A2, MI chiming in late. But I did win the ugly sweater competition at my staff party #winning
  27. @heathergauck Agreed. Current leaders need to give up control if we are going to also share the load. #miched
  28. Very true Ben. True leaders are servants and you put it perfect, educators should be servants for students. #miched  https://twitter.com/techsavvyed/status/943650690504777728 
  29. @techsavvyed I like the idea of fostering all students especially between grades b/c you can set up the Ss for a better future. #MichEd
  30. @DreaWeiner True Drea! How do we make sure the culture is setup for this? How do we convince admin? #miched
  31. @mcculloughmg Or "we are going to do this change using this method. You're the professional. Make it work." #miched
  32. A1. Teacher's are invited to the table of problem solving and input is utilized. #miched
  33. A1: I see Tch leadership in @zeelandschools & @Creekside_MS as Tchs modeling, supporting, walking along side, etc. other Tchs. Giving ideas, encouraging, helping those that need to grow. Find positives & push those! #miched
  34. A1: There are TLs in my PLN and district where I just wanna do what they do and are inspired by them...and they never TOLD me to do anything. Inspiring from within by modeing awesomeness #Miched
  35. Hey #michED - Daniel checking in from St Joseph. Instructional Tech Coach in Coloma.
  36. A1: Would not change a thing for my school or district. #teacherpowered & hybrid T roles are what I wanted in a school #Miched
  37. This makes my math Tch heart so happy! Kids moving, kids talking math, kids engaged. Love that you used it this week @abusch38 #miched #msmathchat  https://twitter.com/abusch38/status/943593229278240771 
  38. @KellCusmano Many teachers really are experts in our field. Fortunate in my district we were hired with that in mind. Listening to the Ts instead of ppl trying to shape education opinions would be a good start. #miched
  39. A1) teacher leadership is when teachers take responsibility to make positive change happen for all stakeholders in building. Parents, students, teachers, admin, custodial, food service, Transpo, etc #michED
  40. @mcculloughmg Not quite sure. There is no formal role in our district yet. You? #miched
  41. @sarahyogidds Is there hybrid pay as well? I like to be able to have leadership opportunities, but I think it is (or should be) important to how this model gets funded. I am really excited that you have this model! #miched
  42. #miched A1 I visited an elementary school in Baltimore that had 1 admin and distributed leadership between secretary, teachers, custodial staff. It was Amazing! Lincoln Elementary
  43. @mcculloughmg Maybe it starts with a trusting relationship & convo w/admin. What do you want to see from your Ss & do you think we are getting there? If not, how do you think we can get there? If Ss are being put first then the convo should be a priority. #MichEd
  44. #miched A1 We are implementing instructional rounds which gives teachers voice and leadership...
  45. @conrad_chris @sarahyogidds #miched I agree pay is an important factor and incentive to take on extra work
  46. @conrad_chris We have a compensation structure that compensates us for additional duties right into our salary. The bands are structured more heavily towards what we do rather than just years & experience. So those of us on the leadership team make more #miched
  47. Allyson, elem principal in Zeeland, jumping in late. Merry Christmas! #miched
  48. . @ReadingNowNet is doing this all over west michigan but between buidlings.. we are learning so much from neighbors, especially in schools that have similar SES and demographics! #miched  https://twitter.com/Aricfoster2/status/943653155933442050 
  49. @DreaWeiner @mcculloughmg Trust is key. Not only trusting that conversations are real between Ts and Admin but also trusting that all stakeholders are acting with Ss best interest. #miched
  50. Q2 : #2 What was the best professional learning you have ever received/participated in and why? #miched  https://twitter.com/heathergauck/status/943653344173805568 
  51. @conrad_chris @sarahyogidds Formerly worked in Indiana where there was a teacher leader role that served as intermediary to admin. Was given 10-15k salary bump but no release time #michED
  52. Q2 What was the best professional learning you have ever received/participated in and why? #miched pic.twitter.com/7pSrmDJiFd
  53. @conrad_chris @heathergauck Yes, we don't stipend. We just have in salary structure for hybrid roles #miched
  54. A2: Ts & Admin who foster leadership in each other AND their students. Don't put people on the spot for the wrong reasons. Let them shine b/c they're ideas need light. #MichEd  https://twitter.com/heathergauck/status/943653344173805568 
  55. #Miched Q2- What was the best professional learning you have ever received/participated in and why?
  56. A2: twitter chats and #edcamps They both are voluntary, personalized, open to input from participants, free, & follow a loose structure. Those are all key elements to me. I don’t wanna pay for a “sit & get” that I didn’t ask for. #Miched
  57. A2 I think others have said it but the best PD is lead by teachers for teachers -- and leaves plenty of time of networking and sharing ideas. Edcamps and similar models ROCK as they relate to you and your needs! #miched
  58. #MichEd A2: For pedagogy PD, The START Project through GVSU. Changed my Ins. Lens. For Leadership, our district has started an Aspiring Leadership group this year and the opportunity to network with fellow aspiring leaders has been enlightening
  59. A1: @zeelandschools started a cohort of aspiring leaders to support Ts wanting to move into leadership positions this year. Off to a strong start! #MichEd  https://twitter.com/heathergauck/s 
  60. @mcculloughmg @conrad_chris @sarahyogidds Yes and no. Lots of pros and cons. IMO was often used to recruit veteran teachers to school. In history of position while I was there, only one organic home grown T for 8 roles. #michED
  61. A2: @TeachtoLead, @teacherpowered & @caselorg nat'l conferences were amazing. All of them hlgave me so much! Ongoing PL of @WashISD #ALN is fantastic monthly connecting too #michED
  62. #miched A2- although it was a CRAZY amount of work #NBCT was an in depth personal reflection of my teaching practices...
  63. A2: depends. For leadership it is hands down @mascmahs. Fo ELA its @ncte resources. For TL and overall professional growth it was TTL summit in Boston, TLI with @LoriNCTQ and @ASCD #MichEd
  64. A2: @ClassroomMakers just hosted a wonderful, educational, and fun PD series that encompased @REMCAssociation MakerKits. These PDs were inspiring and I applied the concepts immediately in my classroom and my PD for teachers. #MichEd  https://twitter.com/mcculloughmg/status/943653769224556544 
  65. @TeachMrB Love it! Tell me more! How is this setup? Application? Your school/district only? #miched
  66. @conrad_chris @sarahyogidds Yeah, but day was 8-5 with students, 60 min plan, 60 min duty free lunch, and 60 min daily PLC. #michED
  67. A2: Best prof learning. First, my work towards a master's degree. Great profs. Amazing students in my program. Tons of innovation. Supporting school to bring things back and try new thing with Ss. #miched
  68. A2: Honestly, Twitter chats, @voxer groups and Facebook groups have provided the best PD I have ever experienced. On demand. Free. Inspiring. Exactly what I need. #miched
  69. @mcculloughmg Absolutely. I wish there was not such a disconnect between what we know is right in teaching kids & how we try to teach teachers. #miched
  70. A2) It was a TLT experience that I swear was my greatest PD experience. Into my classroom came 5 veteran teachers that I looked up to. I took their feedback to heart and they learned things from me. I still have the notes that they left me. #Miched
  71. @heathergauck So true! 8 years removed I should have brought that up too. Definitely was the start of knowing that better PL could be had! #miched
  72. A2: 2nd, my work with the Algebra for All program. Love being a site facilitator. Lead teachers were receptive to changes in prgm to suit Ts needs. We changes to meet Ts needs. Lots of innovation. #miched
  73. #miched Q3- If you could work on a innovative idea to improve education what would it be and who would you partner with?
  74. A2: Teacher leadership should look like corrective action by group to obtain better outcomes for all in building. TLs should inspire, coach, mentor, and lead. Should help lessen load on admin and other systems in building #michED
  75. @Aricfoster2 @voxer I am in groups for #MEMSPA, my blogging tribe: #CompelledTribe, Moms as Principals, Women in Ed Leadership, and a couple others. #miched
  76. #miched- Q3 If you could work on a innovative idea to improve education what would it be and who would you partner with?
  77. Over a year ago, Michigan teachers spoke out against the unfair treatment by the current state government. Today, the Michigan courts stood by our teachers. I am thankful to the Court for standing by our teachers who are the guides for a more hopeful future. #MichEd #KC4MI  https://twitter.com/detroitnews/status/943618767434780672 
  78. A3: Wraparound shelter service & social work support for the high percentage of homeless youth in our program in the gap coverage years of 18-22yo esp LBGTQ youth. Would love to partner w/ @adamzemke - as he knows! :) #miched
  79. A3 I want to destroy the silos of education. No more walls between subjects, teachers, buildings or even districts. Share what works and use collaboration (not competition) to make us all better! #miched pic.twitter.com/cAdx82muol
  80. A2: best PD is organic, with choice, hands on, and thought provoking. I love to converse ideas as opposed to sit and get what I can from a YouTube video. Things like edcamps, etc. And other open ended items, like #michED chats
  81. @TeachMrB @MEMSPA Pretty cool - I think a lot could be learned from neighbors too...hopefully it grows to collaborate with other districts! #miched
  82. A3: I would continue to partner with @TufFrancis and @OUSEHS to improve & promote & spread the practiced-based cohort model for student teaching. #miched  https://twitter.com/heathergauck/status/943656097969311745 
  83. A3: I don't want to downplay the importance of content but a stronger focus on thought processes and logic flow in cross-curricular learning. Facts are important but learning how to find them and what to do w/them are more imperative. #MichEd  https://twitter.com/heathergauck/status/943656097969311745 
  84. #miched A3- I still see a need for quality examples for educators to integrate technology into classrooms including training pre-service teachers~
  85. @mcculloughmg Ideally, we would all meet at The Max and collaborate. Ha #miched
  86. A3: i would love to create a leadership curriculum for a class that other schools could pick up. Or personalized learning tools for trad. HS models. Not sure who to partner with but.....! #MichEd
  87. A3: Would love to create/foster a setting where Ss are able to learn in a variety of formats and view learning happen. Imagine if Ss don't even realize they are learning. #miched
  88. A3: I really want to partner with professors of college level geometry and calculus (my current teaching load) so students can see where the subject can go. Often feel like we are learning to walk and we fail to see if we are ever going to run. #miched
  89. @TeachMrB That would be amazing and True learning! It still pains me that my own boys dislike going to school and say it is boring! #MichEd
  90. @danieltmares “Organic” is an adjective I wish I would have used in my response. Thanks for saying the thing I was trying to say even better than I said it. #miched
  91. @heathergauck Ts also need to have the ability and/or courage to take risks. Tech in the classroom can be scary but only if you let it. #MichEd
  92. @AllysonApsey That is the #1 dilemma of evals in MI... do they truly develop teachers or just smash our morale? #miched
  93. @AllysonApsey I implemented One on ONe convos twice a month to try to alleviate the 'gotcha' of evals and observations. Also observed each teacher 10 times...(sounds crazy but can be done!) #miched
  94. A3: bring more relevance and cross-curricular opportunities to students. I would partner with them and share with all what we can accomplish. In current role, I must work with Ts to get them thinking down this path #michED
  95. A3: big audacious idea would be a new teacher eval with teacher input...so....partner with the @migov? #MichEd
  96. @TeachMrB @heathergauck I show them that it's possible. In PDs they are the Ss and go through the activities as the Ss. Then I share what happens in my classroom. I facilitate convo b/w Ts to get them chatting about what they've been doing in their classrooms. Relationships, Convo, & Tough Love #MichEd
  97. Here is where I insert a shameless plug for some of these great ideas to get FREE coaching from big-time education experts CLICK HERE AND APPLY FOR THE FIRST MI EDUCATION INCUBATOR!!!-->  http://www.michiganeducators.org/powered-by-teach-to-lead.html#miched #miched
  98. #miched Q4- What is the value of strategic partnerships (beyond K12) with education and what are some examples you have seen?
  99. @Aricfoster2 No problem. Agendas are cool, but only if they meet the needs. PD should meet needs. Conferences are great because of choice, but I've planned mini organic edcamp style events and those are highly rated. Like teaching but responding to the Ts needs #michED
  100. On same track with you D... remind me to shoot you some cool projects we've been working on to break down these silos! #miched  https://twitter.com/danieltmares/status/943657538477752322 
  101. @mcculloughmg Right there with you Matt!! Impressed with 10 obs, I do 6 for each T with F2F feedback mtgs after each one. Makes a world of difference. Way to go! #MichEd
  102. #miched A4 With strategic partnerships I was able to bring my single idea of creating a PD website to show teachers tech integration and in 2 years created this..  http://www.innovationclassroom.com 
  103. A4: value in showing collaboration as we would like to see in our pol climate. Also showing greater connections to what happens outside of K12 #miched
  104. A4: I would love to see T internships in the real world. It would allow Ts to take the content & apply it directly to their classroom. I partner a lot w/nonprofits & businesses. They always want more real world skills from the get go b/c content can be taught. #MichEd  https://twitter.com/heathergauck/status/943658059385143298 
  105. You are more impressive, I got out of the Admin business after a few years b/c I missed teaching and interacting at the classroom level. Keep up the awesome work! #miched  https://twitter.com/AllysonApsey/status/943658605894688768 
  106. A4: In my school we have students that will be learning a trade instead of going to college, which is awesome! School has strong connections in the community with local businesses that train next gen skilled laborers! Get kids connected pre-graduation #miched
  107. Not all Ss attend 4 year schools and leave home. Connect with community to find how schools can help address the needs of local communities with students that do not head to college. Find out what skills those community leaders need in our graduates #michED
  108. A4 We have started partnering with local businesses to make learning real for our students and to help our community --> Example:  https://sites.google.com/schoolcraftcs.org/waltherfarmsproject/home  #miched
  109. A4. We need more CTE classes. There is a reason why the classes are full. Ss connect with the real life application of math and core content areas. Now we just need to connect CTE classes w/local businesses. #miched
  110. A3: I would work with local universities more & their Tch education program so that they were more tied in to what is happening K-12. Rebuild the pre-service Tch experience & get them more classroom time. #miched
  111. #miched Upcoming opportunity for you to build a strategic partnership to grow and idea. Listen to this podcast for more info!  http://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/6064659 
  112. @DreaWeiner I like choice. I also haven't seen how IN intends to structure this requirement which help my conclusion. #miched
  113. A4 Here is another partnership with a local business that let our kids apply their learning to real problems that the business is implementing this spring -->  https://sites.google.com/schoolcraftcs.org/wedels-projects-schoolcraft/home  #miched
  114. A4) I wish we valued more those partnerships. It grows in transitions to post-sec and we often don't see it happen. I've seen outside agencies and professionals work with secondary students and it's cool to see. #Miched
  115. @mrandrewlindsay Teacher observations are THE BEST part of my job as a principal and the most important. If we approach them as ways to strengthen, support and uplift T’s, they will be fun. Amazing work Andrew!! #MichEd
  116. A4: I would love to see MI Ts working at the Capitol alongside legislators on ed policy. Other states do this...why can't we? #MichEd
  117. @TeachMrB This is exactly the kind of ideas they are looking for at the #PoweredbyTTL Summit! #MichEd
  118. @DreaWeiner Yes. I've often thought about teacher sabbaticals at the HS level. Time away from the classroom to improve what we do in the classroom. It would be lovely!. #miched
  119. #miched Can't believe it is the last question already! Q5 Who could you reach out to in your community to partner with?
  120. @mcculloughmg Yes, yes & yes. They can't observe for 2 hours a week for a couple semesters and then be expected to student teach! .... @GVSUmath has started some great things. Love having them in my classroom! #miched
  121. @mcculloughmg A local business is sending one of their peeps over to help a high school coding class with the new AP Programming course partnering w/Code.org. The Ss get to ask qs to the prof about how they can fix their project. The local business gets to know their future workforce. #MichEd
  122. @tmaynard5 @mcculloughmg @GVSUmath I just talked with a Prof from GVSU for tech lit~ Exciting possibilities being discussed. #MichEd
  123. A5: Get to know those repping your area politically & biz w/ strong community or MI ties #miched
  124. A5) Way too many to list, but I'm for sure creating one. #Miched
  125. A4: @zeelandschools are working w/ local businesses..all of admin mtgs are at local businesses where we get tours & hear how we can help Ss be ready for high paying jobs, whether gng to college or not. #MichEd
  126. @heathergauck @mcculloughmg @GVSUmath @GVSU has it figured out. They have some amazing faculty that are plugged in to K-12 and they are pushing to change the St Tching experiences. #miched
  127. A5: Any one in the 10 county region of northwest lower Michigan can reach out to Newton's Road to connect w/community resources and opportunities. #MichEd #NewtonsRoad #STEMTC #community  https://twitter.com/heathergauck/status/943659988358258694 
  128. Q5 Who could you reach out to in your community to partner with? #miched
  129. @AllysonApsey @zeelandschools Another great idea that would be great to highlight at the #PoweredbyTTL Summit! Free opp to share your idea & network w/ partners at  http://www.michiganeducators.org ! #miched
  130. #miched A5 Take these ideas and apply for the free opportunity coming up in March. Applications due soon!  http://www.michiganeducators.org/powered-by-teach-to-lead.html 
  131. Picture this: You have the idea to fix MI ed (or just in your district) but no one will listen or you don't know where to start. All could be fixed by applying here -->  http://www.michiganeducators.org/powered-by-teach-to-lead.html  . YOUR IDEAS ARE AWESOME!!! #miched pic.twitter.com/A6QtzJfpp6
  132. A5 We have been surveying Ss for their interests, then cold calling those types of business, and asking if they have any 'problems' we could solve. Last we match to the standards/grade level that fits and BOOM partnerships. #miched pic.twitter.com/iDx88DFjFE
  133. #miched Thank you everyone for chatting with us tonight about Strategic Partnerships and hopefully we will see some of you at the Pre-Conference day for the Governor's Summit~ Teachers raising their voice!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4rlENK-k5I 
  134. Thank you for the chat #MichEd! Please share about the Powered by TTL summit with your colleagues...Or better yet submit your own idea! @MrAustinA2 @Aricfoster2
  135. @mcculloughmg Wow! Love this action. What a great proactive approach to engaging students in problem solving that relates to their everyday life! #miched
  136. A5: trade unions, local businesses that are hiring, chamber of commerce members, rotary orgs, tourist industry groups, community colleges, local university extension programs (#GoGreen), planning commissions, city and local government to addresses needs in local areas #michED
  137. @mcculloughmg Yeah, I figured w/all the plugs happening tonight. But everything that we discussed are things #NewtonsRoad believes in. #MichEd
  138. My head is spining #miched peeps! Thank you so much for participating tonight. I'm honored to be teaching in a state with such awesome educators! pic.twitter.com/sMeRzCtsfK
  139. Thanks #miched for another wonderful chat! I needed this to get inspired for the new year.
  140. Thanks #michED for another awesome chat and our kids tonight: @mcculloughmg @heathergauck @KellCusmano - I had a blast and feel like I've grown!
  141. Hey, if you got something good, don't keep it to yourself. We all need to replicate and share the best so ALL students benefit. Not just the ones in affluent or forward-thinking districts! Be well and thanks for playing along tonight! #miched  https://twitter.com/DreaWeiner/status/943662535986774017 
  142. @conrad_chris Grad School @TEPatUCSB👩🏻‍🎓
was1️⃣ of my best Prof Learning exp. 
Strategies + Theories still benefit + inform almost EVERY job exp. #MichEd https://t.co/TXLw1krbS1
    @conrad_chris Grad School @TEPatUCSB👩🏻‍🎓 was1️⃣ of my best Prof Learning exp. Strategies + Theories still benefit + inform almost EVERY job exp. #MichEd pic.twitter.com/TXLw1krbS1
  143. Thanks #miched! Love hearing the awesome ideas & inspiration from MI T leaders. Hope to see many of you w/ those ideas at the Summit on March 12th! Go to  http://www.michiganeducators.org  to apply.
  144. @mcculloughmg @conrad_chris @sarahyogidds It was long anyways! But if you could pair a prep and lunch together, you had a nice break! #michED