#michED Chat 1/10/17 - Staring the New Year!

A chat about starting 2018 on the right foot; aspirations, resolutions, and convictions!

  1. Welcome to the first chat of 2018. We will be using Q1) and A1) format. #michEd
  2. Good Evening #michED folks! It's time for the weekly chat with our host @lmcdonell14
  3. Thanks for joining tonight. Let’s start out by introducing ourselves and what we are looking forward to in 2018. #michED
  4. Ben here for the #michED chat! Tweeting from St. Joseph! I'm looking forward to more balance between work and family time this 2018!
  5. Good evening #michED I'm looking forward to building my PLN here on twitter from Alpena
  6. Hey everyone! Chip from Monroe, retired last June. Looking forward to the awesome opportunities of 2018! #miched
  7. Hi #miched Karen Bosch from metro Detroit. Looking forward to some awesome new projects with students, including coding, 3d printing, and using the Clips app. Multitasking tonight, will be in and out.
  8. Mike Domagalski. Middle School Principal and @MEMSPAchat twitter chat Moderator, Checking my into #miched and supporting @lmcdonell14
  9. @techsavvyed It's wet. It's slushy. It's causing car accidents. It's about to all freeze into fantastic layers of ice. #MichEd
  10. Q1) Think back to 2017. Which resource, program, lesson or idea did you tryout in 2017 that went really well? #miched
  11. Gail Ashburn from South Lake High High School, St. Clair Shores #readingspecialist #miched ready for tonight #miched
  12. Hey #MichED peeps! Becca from Bay City #SISD Literacy Coach and focusing on Balance and finding JOY everyday this year ahead!
  13. Cory Timmer, Creekside Middle in Zeeland, excited for a new year! #miched
  14. @Scholastic Story Starter blended with @scratch where Ss had to create their story in a program. The kiddos loved it and the parents loved that the lesson was fun and engaging. #MichEd #CMakers  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951259797579599872 
  15. @TouchCast was fantastic. Free App and a must check out!!! Getting ready to bring it to #SCMSrocks soon. Thanks to @ForestPrincipal for teaching me and his leadership with @TouchCast #miched  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951259797579599872 
  16. A1). @Seesaw it transformed my assessment in Band and Choir for 16-17. The possible uses amazed me. #miched
  17. Q1 Love @teachargument resources! Also, tried literacy stations in high school, awesome #miched
  18. @edpuzzle changed the way I preteach, teach, reteach, 6th grade math. What an awesome tool! #miched
  19. @TeachMrB @techsavvyed That's what they tell me but I hope it doesn't come. I've a baller PD planned for Friday and my Ts don't want to miss out. Heck I don't want to miss out hosting it. #MichEd
  20. @lmcdonell14 @Scholastic @scratch Oh Scholastic Story Starter is amazing. The kids get the basics and then can make it as complicated or as simple as they'd like. #MichEd
  21. Q2) Have you ever thought about choosing a word, rather than a resolution to frame your year? Which word could you choose for 2018? #miched
  22. A1: Working with a Priority district to put the IRIP (Individualized Reading Improvement Plan) Process into place. Best part is being able to support through embedded coaching. #BePresent #LeadWithLove #MichEd
  23. A2) Never been good with resolutions but I am excited about my 2018 word: Elevate. Seems to be working it's way into many of my practices. #miched
  24. A1b: And THIS! Modeling for a teacher how to build relationships with her most challenging S’s. (read bottom) #MichEd https://t.co/w0A6AkVck8
    A1b: And THIS! Modeling for a teacher how to build relationships with her most challenging S’s. (read bottom) #MichEd pic.twitter.com/w0A6AkVck8
  25. A2: I don't know if I would chose a word to frame the year. The year typically chooses their own. 2017 was the year of accountability. I do however choose intentions. Better communication is one for 2018. #MichEd  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951261259009323009 
  26. A2: One word to describe my aspirations for the new year; PRESENCE! #michED
  27. @MrDomagalski I think every kid/ parent and staff member knows our goal and mission this year! Outstanding job communicating it. #michEd
  28. A2. I did this a couple of years ago and it changed my outlook. This year I choose “Promise.” The year holds so much promise, and I promise to take in all of it that I can! #miched
  29. Chris from Allegan joining late to #miched. My son wants me to read A Wrinkle in Time to him (fav book when I was a kid) who am I to resist.
  30. A1: Started using @EngageNY math this year and I’m loving it! I’m loving the rigor and the opportunities for building strong number sense. #miched
  31. Q3) What type of correlation do you see between your professional and personal goals for 2018? #miched
  32. A1) Really getting the hang of using using OneNote as my lecture note collection place. In Geo, my trig unit gets better every year. In Calc, I think, 1st part of this, kids were really getting extrema. #miched
  33. A2. Relationships. Trying to focus on building and maintaining strong classroom, professional, and social relationships in 2018. #miched
  34. A2) Mathatude for class. #miched Instilling the attitude that students have the attitude that math isn't hard. Personally, I'd frame my world around "patience". #miched
  35. A3). I retired from teaching to run our Agency with my wife (another retired educator). Most of our personal goals are also professional goals. #miched
  36. A3: Being more positive all around understand that I can’t control everything. Personal reflections and learning on this. It’s not about seeing, and forcing change my way..., it’s about identifying, molding and empowering! #miched  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951263026866479104 
  37. A3: My professional and personal goals are one and the same. Work smarter not harder so work stays at work and home stays home. No point in not taking care of yourself in order to get work done b/c high quality work doesn't thrive when under pressure. It's not a diamond. #MichEd  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951263026866479104 
  38. A3 Personally, working through lessons in Swift Playgrounds, want to improve how I teach coding, maybe add badging into the mix. #miched
  39. A3: The correlation between my personal and professional goals for 2018 are direct and simple; be more assertive, more attentive, and take bigger risks. #michED
  40. A3) There is certainly a correlation. The more excited I become professionally the more excited I become at home. So much time is spent at school that it does impact our home life. #miched
  41. A3) Goals that are just tough enough to get me out of my routine and inspire me. I love challenges too! I also love innovation and trying new things. #michED
  42. A3: Slow Down, take a breath and enjoy the moment. Too often I think of what’s next instead living in the now #miched
  43. A3: Professionally And Personally it comes down #ServiceToOthers and remembering to #LeadWithLove #MichEd so far 17-18 It has been a year of listening and learning together.
  44. A3: My professional goals are to budget time so I have more personal time. I see really as an educator, that I want to help students appreciate math and become life-long learners. Personally, I'm already there! #miched
  45. A3. Professionally, I am working to develop a stronger classroom community to encourage higher levels of engagement. Similarly, maintaining balance in out of work relationships is a personal goal of mine this year! #miched
  46. @DreaWeiner Swift Playgrounds is free coding app/program from Apple. It’s like a game, but uses real coding language.  https://www.apple.com/swift/playgrounds/  #miched
  47. @lmcdonell14 I shocked some of my students the other day when I said "it feels like all I do is make mistakes." I had to explain, that I jump into things and sometimes I learn as I go. Mistakes happen and I learn from them. I didn't mean it as a negative, but they see it that way. #Miched
  48. @DreaWeiner Apple's coding language. Apple provides a free K-12 curriculum to teach coding. Pretty slick, although it is obviously focused on developing for the Apple ecosystem. #miched
  49. A3) in my personal life my goals are more driven by family, well professionally my goals are about my other large family #miched  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951263026866479104 
  50. Q4). Which professional book or resource will you be looking into in 2018? Jimmy Casas’ book titled, Culturize is a great place to start if you need any idea. @casas_jimmy #miched
  51. @talkEDtv Do you ever do a pro and con with coding between Microsoft and Apple? #MichEd
  52. @lmcdonell14 @casas_jimmy #Culturize is currently being read and #LeadLAP is next on my list. Pretty sure that is not the end of my reading list. #michEd
  53. A4) learn from more resouces students show me, as well as read more by authors who think differently then I do. Of course @burgessdave publications will always keep me busy wiht something to read! #michED
  54. A4. Hoping to read more about using questioning techniques and questioning routines in the classroom. Just borrowed a copy of “Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding” to begin my journey. #MichEd
  55. @DreaWeiner @talkEDtv I think with younger students, the thinking skills involved are more important than the coding platform. #miched
  56. A4: You Just Don't Understand and Talking from 9 to 5 by Deborah Tannen are two professional books that I'm committing to in 2018. #technicallytwobooksbutbysameauthor so #notcheating #MichEd  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951265720201023489 
  57. Apply to pitch your idea for the chance to win $1500 to make your idea a reality at Idea Slam 2018!  http://bit.ly/ideaslampitch  #miched-mets #MACUL18
  58. A4) I have a theme in the professional books I am reading right now--equitable access to mathematics. "Radical Equations" "Multiplication is for White People" (disclosure: it isn't. The book argues it isn't.) "Women in Mathematics" #miched
  59. A4: #miched professionally Reading The Next Steps Forward in Guided Reading @DrJanrichardson again!
  60. @lmcdonell14 @talkEDtv I haven't which is why I'm intrigued. #MichEd Also, some of my Ts and Ss are a little worn out of  http://Code.org 
  61. A4) Shifting the Monkey: The Art of Protecting Good People from Liars, Criers, and other slackers @ToddWhitaker #miched
  62. @karlyb @talkEDtv I totally agree. Most of my kids are at the fundamentals stage but there are a few who are in need of a challenge. #MichEd
  63. A4: I am finishing up Blended Learning In Action by @Catlin_Tucker And looking forward to The Sketchnote Handbook by @rohdesign #miched
  64. Q5). Not everyone likes change or trying new things. How can we help to promote a growth mindset among colleagues who may be hesitant about trying new things? #miched
  65. @DreaWeiner @talkEDtv What is nice about Swift Playgrounds is it uses real coding language. I think students get a better grasp of concepts like loops, etc. #miched
  66. A5: We need to recognize our own unwillingness to try new things and then challenge ourselves. Nothing inspires innovation than modeling innovation. #MichEd #failforward  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951267579158462464 
  67. A1: A new take on my lesson: having Ss research a potential career they’d be interested in and creating an AdobeSpark regarding the process of researching:their thinking. #michEd
  68. A5)Lead by example with passion and empathy, and an understanding that everyone starts with little understanding of new ideas until we practice, practice, practice. #michEd
  69. A5) I think we can do what we do for Ss - model, encourage, model, encourage. #miched
  70. A5: Listen to their concerns. Guide them through testing the waters and Support them through the process. #michEd
  71. A5: 1. We must observe, listen well, ask questions and understand their POV. Resistance can happen for so many reasons. One that I keep finding is Initiative and change weariness. #miched
  72. A2: I have a lot of personal life setbacks right now, work life is going pretty great, so I have two words: hope and positivity #michEd
  73. @OConnorAshlie What kind of resources do you send Ts when guiding them towards scary concepts? #MichEd
  74. A3: The positivity aspect. We can all try to focus on having a better growth mindset, in and out of the building. #michEd
  75. A5) Build relationships first, then show some of the things that have worked for you. Maybe team up with someone. Collaborating is one of my favorite things in education. #miched
  76. A4: Teach like a Pirate, I heard it’s good. I am swamped with master course readings at the moment if those count. #michEd
  77. A5) Pick something that doesn't work. Do you hate teaching a topic? Fix that. Research best practices in that area. It won't work perfect, but it will be better. For me, it inspires me to move to the next thing. #miched
  78. A5: As we roll out the change, build in guidance, support, modeling, coaching, ongoing reflection and a feasible timeline. #miched
  79. @lmcdonell14 Fall, winter, and spring district wide PD are favorites of mine due to the access to peers for COLLABORATION with my peers! I love it! #michED
  80. A5 Be honest with yourself and others that this “new thing” may not be/do everything you hope for...embrace the risk yourself by acknowledging it isn’t a “sure thing” #Miched
  81. A5. Share your experiences and success stories. Listen to concerns and offer support if possible. I’ve found that sharing ideas & updating on what worked for you/what you’d change helps to model mindset and make changes feel more realistic/comfortable #MichEd
  82. Update on when Michigan teachers & school employees should finally see their 3% refund: The state began sending data to school districts today to begin the process of reimbursing money owed to 274,742 former and current school employees by 1/22. #MichEd  http://detne.ws/2EtVkLw 
  83. @conrad_chris Other than shear will, how do you force yourself to work towards what you're uncomfortable with/hate teaching? #MichEd
  84. Q6) As we get into a new year, people think about goal setting. How can we help students set goals who come from homes without a growth mindset? #miched
  85. A5: This year is the first where I’ve felt our staff embraces new ways of teaching, especially through the use of technology. Just reminding each other that anything new will take some time puts the fire out for a moment. #miched
  86. A6) So much support and scaffolding! Celebrate small victories! #miched
  87. @DreaWeiner Rule #1: It isn't about me. It's about the kids. THEY need the best possible day. I started small. Pick one thing and work to fix that. If a lesson was bad, I'm fine thinking that something must be better. That early success helps me think that was as practice now. #miched
  88. A6: Celebrate their successes and encourage them to jump off their platform of success. If you provide a little light then the opportunity for developing growth mindset is even more attainable. #miched
  89. A6: Model the growth mindset. Recognize those who need fostering and reach out for support from colleagues if help is needed. #MichEd  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951270448423165952 
  90. A6: I’m having my students set reading goals based off of their PSAT and NWEA data for next semester. They’ll have to create plans, gather data, use metacognitive reflections, analyze growth, etc. A whole new spin on our reading projects that I finally grew tired of. #miched
  91. A6: I started a PD session today by having T’s write and decorate their #oneword. Their plan was to share theirs with S’s and tell them how they chose it through a think aloud. #miched
  92. A6 Allow them to choose desired outcomes that are important to THEM, not us/school/system #michEd
  93. A6) I do, we do, you do at it's finest. Discuss the power of goal setting and the impact it has in all aspects of  http://life.Support  and encourage Ss for all growth made towards goals. #michED  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951270448423165952 
  94. A6) Build strong relationships first and show how you goal set in the short term. Explain SMART Goals, what does it mean to be measurable and attainable. Celebrate success! Model “recalculating” when you miss your target. #miched
  95. @lmcdonell14 A6: There is also a lot of power in S’s owning their own data. Graph it, journal about it, what is one thing they can improve? #miched
  96. @DreaWeiner As I said earlier to my student "I make so many mistakes". I'm serious about that. I'm not set on anything that I do, but I am dedicated to my process of constant revision and reflection about what I do. #miched
  97. A6) We are that person who believes in the student, and then shows him or her how to set goals that will require stretching- but be worth it. Work with ss on what goals are desired. #miched
  98. A6. Model growth mindset and goal setting. Give time for learners to set goals, reflect, and share progress. Take time to learn together how goal setting is a process and takes energy/time. #MichEd
  99. A6) I try to help them focus on learning goals rather than grades. I'm often talking in class about "what's next". What's your plan? What do you want to do? What else? What are you working towards? Do you know how to get there? I try to ask questions and then listen. #miched
  100. Thanks so much for participating tonight! I loved hearing eveyrone's thoughts and ideas! Collaborating with educators all over the state is truly one of the things that makes education magical! I am proud to have spent the last hour with all of you! #miched
  101. @DreaWeiner @MsLaurenWhite1 Modeling is so important in the process of learning. I don’t do it enough even with failure. It’s important to recognize that it’s not necessarily about the outcome, but the process. #miched
  102. Thanks Laura! It was fun to think ahead into the new year and hear everyone’s goals. #miched teachers are amazing!  https://twitter.com/lmcdonell14/status/951273303116787712 
  103. Thank you @lmcdonell14 and #MichEd PLN for an inspiring chat! Go forth and do good work. 🌟
  104. Thank you @lmcdonell14 for hosting #MichEd chat tonight. It was rather inspiring and informative.
  105. Great job on #miched tonight @lmcdonell14 - Way to lead. Loved the Q’s and collaboration!
  106. Ugh, missed #miched tonight and it looked like a good one! Great job everyone! pic.twitter.com/Gdu9UH4NdE
  107. Chris Glass w/ @TalentTriangle: To make these SB 684-685 work, schools need capacity. To get MI’s counselor ratio to 250:1 (recommended ratio to ensure Ss have support they need) we would need 3,950 addtnl school counselors. Annual cost >$300M. #miched #mileg