#michED Chat 1/18/17 - Competency

A chat about competency-based education and how it could shift classrooms and teaching.

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  8. Jeremey in W Mi. env sci and biology #Miched Frankly, unsure about #cbl
  9. Great to have @wozniak07 Ass’t Supt for Fraser Schools and CBL expert with us tonight as well! #MichED Thanks Carrie!
  10. @wozniak07 THank you for joining the conversation Carrie. Appreciate you sharing your good work and expertise #MichED
  11. Excited to talk CBL with thought leaders across Michigan tonight!! #MichEd
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  16. Anne Thorp, PhD from over here in Holland! Good evening ~ #miched
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  19. Todd joining #miched late from Warren 7th grade science teacher
  20. @RMWynkoop I'm a huge proponent of subject and concept competency, but the stories of burden on some Ts #CBL is scary. #miched
  21. Ok - here we go with Question 1 on Competency Based Learning!! #MichEd
  22. Q1: How is competency based learning different than standards based or traditional evaluations? #MichED
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  26. #MichED. My understanding is that it focuses on measuring learning rather than time taught.
  27. A1 - I'm hoping to hear from others - I don't have a lot of experience with #CBL #miched
  28. If you have a chance - check out the video from @knowledgeworks for a primer on CBL! #MichED @VirgelHammonds Great overview.
  29. A1: One way CBL is different from SBL is time becomes a variable. Meaning - mastery is the primary focus, not seat time. #MichED
  30. @JessicaMLeslie But is the focus more on specific skills vs abstract thinking? Help me out #miched !
  31. @ProfGeorgeEdu Glad to have you Tyler - thanks for sharing your voice with #miched tonight
  32. @JessicaMLeslie In FPS, we focus our competencies around skills, content and concepts. 3D learning. #MichED
  33. #CBL is not in my knowlegde base ~ I am hoping to learn a great deal here tonight. #miched
  34. A1: so do students move on individually in the curriculum as the demonstrate mastery ? #miched
  35. #MEMSPAchat topic for TOMORROW, January 19 at 8pm "Instructional Leadership: The Non-Negotiables!" All Lead Educators welcome! #miched
  36. Competency Based Learning is three dimensional - focused on content, skills, and concepts #miched
  37. A1: CBL focuses in on "move on when ready" vs others that focus on when the standards say "this is the time to teach something" #MichED
  38. 👩🏻‍💻 #miched I'm missing a good chat Competency based learning. Shabana Jameel, M.Ed 🍎😬Teacher+EduConsultant
  39. A1: Depends on the degree. My school does both. But total #CBE would not have standards and little to no teacher-led inputs #miched
  40. A1: Student progress through their learning based on mastery rather than length of course. #miched
  41. @DrDaveFPS love ideas that focus on learning and not seat time! #miched didn't really thing #SBL measure seat time ... hmm
  42. A1: With a competency-based learning model, achieving comp. is the constant; with many standards-based models, time is the constant #michED
  43. Ryan from Flint, MS Soc. Studies, this is my maiden voyage aboard the #MichED train.
  44. @mrs_abud Are you aware of HS science classes doing this school wide? #miched
  45. A1 cont'd: we are not constrained by time, but still use #SBG to guide #michED
  46. A1: Teachers empowered to meet students at their level. Supported by the system. #MichEd
  47. It's been a great year @blocht574, thanks! And you? Hoping to see some teachers from #TeamTwain pop into the chat tonight maybe #michED
  48. A1 - a shift that in some ways resembles an IEP for all students. Moving closer to individualized learning plans for all #miched
  49. @Mr_Lisek Welcome aboard - best part, you also get to drive the train by adding your voice to the conversation! #miched
  50. A1 CBL deals with the Ss learning one skill at a time verses units or modules. Showing mastery before moving on. #MichEd
  51. A1: CBL integrates knowledge and application through rigorous demonstration of skill - traditional SBG not necessarily so #MichED
  52. Standards are used to determine academic expectations and "define" competency - they are part of the whole. #miched
  53. Andy Secor, elementary principal in Hudsonville, jumping in and out #miched
  54. @DrDaveFPS how does the state view this when they are concerned with 180 days 1098 hours of seat time? #miched
  55. @DrDaveFPS A1: That sounds like computerized👨🏼‍💻personalized learning. Similar to @khanacademy #MichEd There must be more to it than that.
  56. A1 SBE, the standard is what matters. CBE, proof of understanding / learning @ identified taxonomy level. CBE allows Personalization #MichEd
  57. A1: CBE provides true personalized learning for all students #MichED
  58. @secorsig Thanks for joining Andy, but I don't recall you being able to jump extremely well. Good luck tonight! #miched
  59. Q2: How does competency connect to other personalized options/models? (i.e. differentiation, PBL, credit recovery, etc.) #MichED
  60. @MR_ABUD Been great second year with a group of students! Really cool to see growth! #miched
  61. A1: Learning a the constant, time is a variable. Complex? You bet! #michED
  62. A1 CBL allows Ss to skip skills that they can already do. #MichEd
  63. @MR_ABUD Do you mean using different pedagogical approaches based on Standards? #MichEd While the 🎯is #CBL. #MichEd
  64. A2 - I'm thinking that CBL would make these models more attainable as it focuses on the student learning and not the systems #miched  https://twitter.com/DrDaveFPS/status/821890591646695429 
  65. What makes for the difference in rigor, do you suppose @frangsi? #miched
  66. @VirgelHammonds Are school-wide models in existence? Curious to understand how outside of the box this takes us. I hate the box! #miched
  67. Excited to join the chat tonight...librarians are a great resource for teachers implementing CBL #MichED
  68. @envirojer CBL redefines the box. Student voice and choice is critical in CBL models. Entire states have made this transition. #MichED
  69. A2: CBL seems to be the ideal examples all strive for? When Ss learn, they demonstrate competency in their way in their time. #miched
  70. @conrad_chris @DrDaveFPS and what if competency doesn't hit state's time table? #miched we all learn at different rates
  71. A2: I recently heard it referred to as "differentiation on steroids" #miched
  72. Q2 student voice and choice for demonstrating learning. #miched
  73. Q2: Our FPS focus is to create a system that allows students to “move on when ready”. When mastery has been achieved..set them free. #MichED
  74. A2: CBL personalized & driven by s's voice = choice of how to demonstrate skills - others not so. CBL makes space for S voice #MichED
  75. No, @00blahblah00. In the SB model, you can move through the year without having shown competency in standards, regardless of ped. #michED
  76. A2 Pt2: In trad schools many of my Ss were penalized for not showing behaviors- now measured on learning. Credit growth follows #michED
  77. A2: Competancy allows for Ss to spend more time on specific areas of need and not be held up on other areas where they have mastery #michED
  78. Love the idea of #cbl it takes learning off the clock #miched wonder how Ss adjust to the changed model? Parents?
  79. . @DrDaveFPS @envirojer it sounds like Finland is going this direction do you have local examples? #miched
  80. @frangsi Trying to understand, seems to me many make room for Ss voice, but CBL actually listens...make sense? #miched
  81. #TeamTwain join us w/#michED happening now if you can, add your #CBL expertise from the teacher perspective! :-) @JodiLombard @kalbrecht0630
  82. Q2 CBL includes multiple opportunities and ways to demonstrate mastery, considers student learner profile #miched
  83. @secorsig highly systematic differentiation enabled by learning based practices and tools to monitor progress #miched
  84. Can you have one without the other? Or are the two mutually exclusive? @ehaygood #michED
  85. #CBL seems like teacher becomes a project manager #miched helps student complete and show knowledge less presenting knowledge
  86. A2: Statewide examples can be found in New Hampshire and Iowa. Look at  http://www.competencyworks.org  for national lens. #MichED
  87. @envirojer #miched I can proudly shout, YES! And, across the country. Not only school wide models, but district and state wide as well.
  88. @blocht574 Ss and Ps that elect in to ours have nothing but good things. It is also harder for kid to blame others #miched
  89. @conrad_chris Ha! You are too kind. I'm really new at this. Maybe my knowledge is not transferring well. But, thank you! #miched
  90. @MR_ABUD rigor comes from promoting metacognition- s's reflection and choice- promotes deeper learning about content and self #miched
  91. Q3: Does competency based learning work for all students? At all levels? Please share examples. #MichED
  92. A2: CBE is the umbrella (philosophically) that those examples must support. Student-centered or system-centered is the big Q. #michED
  93. @ehaygood don't think you can sneak into #miched and me not see you there! Thanks for joining and sharing your competency experiences!
  94. #CBL improves the conversation amongst Ss, teachers, & parents. It accounts for what they KNOW & not how well they play the game. #MichED
  95. @MR_ABUD With all due respect. I doubt that. If all the kids fail an assessment, there's usually reteachinf albeit at a later ⌚️. #MichEd
  96. A2: When you meet the Ss where they are, they can work where they are and meet their own need. Ultimate differentiation. #MichEd
  97. A2: personalized learning is student-centered to include student voice/choice in aspects of design/delivery, but competency is goal #michED
  98. A3: Yes but just like with any ed framework, strong Ts & school are key to its success! #miched
  99. @MR_ABUD @DrDaveFPS @VirgelHammonds That's now how you welcome a T🍎😬 from another state. If this continues iWill get off the #MichEd train
  100. @sarahyogidds @blocht574 What does the instruction look like in this #CBL model? Rubrics for targets? #MichEd
  101. Hmmm...so, it's metacognition? I can buy that. But it seems that you could get that without CBL or SBL @frangsi, no? #michED
  102. Yes, all students can benefit - once the have demonstrated mastery access should be opened to the next level of learning. #miched
  103. A3: Are there required subjects? If yes, I would argue that CBL would not work for every person. #miched
  104. A2 CBE allows interventions, supports, & successful pedagogy to become systemic. Ss become drivers / owners of these structures #MichEd
  105. Let’s try Q3 again: Does competency based learning work for all students? At all levels? Please share examples. #MichED
  106. A3: Example- student moves in middle of year. CBL allows for placement at student level, not jump to class. #MichEd
  107. CBL requires mindful instructional design and a growth mindset. #miched
  108. A3 - Does ANY system work for all? - I don't think so but with focus on S learning CBL has a chance to include S voice reaching more #miched
  109. A3 cont: I will spend hours figuring out tech/coding/math. I won't start digging under hood of car. Others are exact opposite. #miched
  110. A3: Yes! It can work at all levels as long as each level is prepared to move Ss beyond the walls of their building #michED
  111. @Mr_Lisek @blocht574 depends on Ss needs. Have strong rubrics & feedback training. Hve all our curriculum available online, pt. 1 #miched
  112. @sarahyogidds So true. Less about arbitrary expectations and more about the actual learning! #MichED
  113. True that time gets extended in both, but if things are only measured against a standard, you can fail to meet it @00blahblah00 #michED 1/2
  114. A3: What about teachers? Are they all able to teach in a CBE model? #MichED
  115. A3: Every student (every age) can learn. Process might look different Product might look different but all are learning nonetheless. #Miched
  116. Hello #MichEd! Jennifer Bond, 3rd grade teacher from Walled Lake…just lurking and learning about #CBL!
  117. A3: A strong focus on your MTSS program creates a tremendous opportunity for CBL to be successful for ALL students! #MichED
  118. @Mr_Lisek @blocht574 pt 2: we make all F2F learning experiences interdisc. & Ss can create their own pathways #miched
  119. A3: Absolutely! Great national/lighthouse examples demonstrate this: Lindsay Unified (CA) & RSU2 (ME) are a couple to check out. #michED
  120. A3 Yes, because Ss can learn at their own pace and practice as long as needed. #MichEd
  121. A3: @ehaygood Absolutely - the focus is on learning rather than teaching but still freedom to instruct and facilitate. #MichED
  122. A3: No model is ever "one size fits all" in edu. But, the #CBL model seems to allow Ss to be in charge of learning. #MichEd
  123. @ehaygood YES! But if your definition is limited than you may struggle. I LOVE it. Collab w/ my colleagues all day long. #miched
  124. @MR_ABUD agreed - CBL puts s's in the driver's seat vs. back of the bus when choice is made by unit or T's project/criteria/ exam #miched
  125. A3: 1stGr😬🍎 WIDE range or abilities. Whole group lessons🎯to include EVERYone while differentiating. #CBL #MichED
  126. @DrDaveFPS @ehaygood great way to put it! I would argue more freedom rather than less. Not confined by time! #miched
  127. A3 Competency mastery reduces/eliminates gaps in learning...can work for all students #Miched
  128. With CBL you have to know the diff. between your struggling learners and unmotivated learners when it comes to working independently #MichEd
  129. I would guess some of the answer is 'not the way some of them have been teaching traditionally' #miched  https://twitter.com/sarahyogidds/status/821894557013082113 
  130. A3.2: Do content restrictions create issues in the #CBL model? Is there a need to "push the pace" when Ss pacing themselves? #MichEd
  131. A3: Agreed - the students take more ownership in their learning and know where they are in mastery. #MichED
  132. a3: CBL enables more students to succeed: as much/little time as personally needed to master & learn/remediate at their pace #miched
  133. A3: it does if it the content is relevant the approach differentiates learning. Otherwise, it's just lipstick on a pig!#Miched
  134. A3:MAJOR difference between personalized learning and personal learning. Personal learning includes student voice. They have choice. #MichED
  135. @DrDaveFPS Choice provides Ss with purpose, and usually yields better quality work. Ss need to feel work is important. #MichEd
  136. A3: also important to note CBE isn't a canned program. It's a belief: if we are to hold learning constant, time must be a variable. #MichED
  137. Time is going fast - let’s look at Q4 - a great question for consideration. #MichED
  138. A3 Yes, CBE is the equity lever necessary 2 ensure all Ss reach mastery, but in ways that empower & motivate each to learn & explore #MichED
  139. @Mr_Lisek There is a feel to need to push pace to complete content, but knowing where students are at is keep in terms of that push. #MichEd
  140. Q4: What is the first step in moving toward competency based learning? #MichED
  141. @SIGLIB_MACUL Unmotivated Ss are often discouraged bc they don't DO school like their peers. CBL makes it about the learning/growth #MichEd
  142. A4: I would imagine the biggest first moves would be to shift the mindset of the school culture. #MichEd #CBL
  143. @teambond ABSOLUTELY! Growth mindset and a shared belief in the “why”!! #MichED
  144. A4 - I don't know but I would guess to either identify competencies / discover them with staff, communicate clearly #miched  https://twitter.com/DrDaveFPS/status/821895816294072321 
  145. A4: Believing and desiring that all students can find success and mastery, even when doesn't occur for all at the same time/place. #michED
  146. A4: train staff, observe models that work, educate Ss and Ps of shift ... then move at the power of student choice #MichEd
  147. A4: Culture is an important first step. A healthy sense of urgency to make the transformation focused on Ss learning! #MichED
  148. Q4: Buy in from stakeholders. Identifying the competencies. #MichED
  149. A4: seems like the first step is the willingness to take some risks and put students in charge of their learning #miched
  150. Boom! Absolutely an essential ingredient to #CBL systems in classrooms, schools, districts, and beyond :-) #michED go @teambond go!  https://twitter.com/teambond/status/821896016576335872 
  151. @DrDaveFPS Unfortunately, I think our current ed system is based on educators that just follow the pacing guide…freedom is rare! #miched
  152. In the #CBL model, what does lesson planning look like? What are does assessment look like? #MichEd
  153. a4: create a culture without fear of failing… both staff and students must believe they won’t be penalized for instant imperfection. #miched
  154. A4: Training the students to be more self-directed and less dependent on management by the teacher. #Miched
  155. A4: School visits to buildings that have fully implemented it, then allowing visitors to ask ?s of the staff about implementation. #MichEd
  156. A4: Step 1…let go of “back in my day” and be ok with failing, learning from mistakes, and trying again. #miched
  157. Defining competency - what does it take to get the handshake at graduation? @rose_rosecolby #miched
  158. A4: ensure and continuously improve culture and climate. This is foundational to the heavy lifting that lies ahead. #MichED
  159. A4 Making sure that all Ts are trained and know what CBL is and how to implement it successfully #MichEd
  160. @teambond @DrDaveFPS Many have been trained that is what to do others like being told what to teach when ... sadly #miched
  161. A4: Finding and understanding the WHY --all else will follow. #whatsbestforstudents #MichEd
  162. A4: Developing a common language about learning, instructional design, and student achievement. One Voice, One Mission, One Vision. #MichED
  163. @blocht574 @DrDaveFPS That’s why I think it would be so hard for most! I love having freedom and creating with my kiddos. #MichEd
  164. Welcome Erin! @ErinMastin it's not about time, it's about competency :0) Glad to connect on #michED! I'm digging the #LoveTeaching avi btw.
  165. A4: additional elements include GVC, instructional framework, standards-based grading. All necessary if CBE can grow. #MichED
  166. WOW! You all are knocking this discussion out of the park! Great job! Let’s finish strong with Q5! #MichED
  167. @MR_ABUD Thanks! Now…how do we go about getting culture shifted in a standards based world? #MIchEd
  168. A4 A culture of continuous improvement, growth mindset, transparency, shared leadership. Include Ss & community in the design #MichED
  169. Q5: How is teaching/instruction different in a competency based classroom? #MichED
  170. A4 - BOTH AND Belief and Action. Start Small with S's choice in a unit or a formative assessment - let kids inspire you! #MichED
  171. A4: Understanding that it can/will work in all environments. #miched
  172. A4: I think working with a CBE consultant is also a needed early step. #MichED
  173. A5: More intentional in meeting the multiple needs of learners, as well as the learners multiple needs. #miched
  174. @MrsTLeon Please respond to Q5: How is teaching/instruction different in a competency based classroom? #MichED
  175. A5: It sounds like teaching in a competency-based learning environment requires teams of educators working together. #miched
  176. A5 It sounds like science teaching with an inquiry based focus and ss demonstration of content/concept mastery is a natural fit #Miched
  177. Q5: I would think Ss could play, complete projects, study current events,and the teacher would guide, assess, and move them forward. #Miched
  178. A5: Students are in control of the learning process. T's act as a guide and support system for Ss. #MichED
  179. @techsavvyed #MichED Collaboration and transparency is critical. Focus on Ss rather than adults.
  180. A5 Focus on Ss agency, learning, and proficiency, not grades. #MichEd
  181. Student learning is the driver and the focus for the work. #miched
  182. A4: The first step toward #CBL is changing the focus of learning to everyone achieves, not just everyone attends. #michED
  183. Its different because more emphasis is put on the learner and the teaching comes in response to those different learning modalities. #MichEd
  184. A5: Ts become facilitator to learning, not the driver. Ss are the true "teachers" in this enviornment. #MichED
  185. A5: teaching is less delivery of whole group lesson more individual consultation #MichEd meeting students where they are in learning
  186. A5: Instruction is given to a student in a timely fashion when they are ready for the material. No waiting around or frustration. #miched
  187. Q5: I also think #CBL would require a lot of relationship building to truly know what is in the mind and heart of each student. #MichED
  188. A5: Teacher is the guide on the side giving students voice and choice over how to demonstrate the competencies #MichED
  189. A5 Ts & Ss become codesigners of the learning ecosystem. #MichED
  190. a5: In CBL, the teacher is a creative guide illustrating many paths in learning & that ‘average’ pace applies to few. #miched
  191. #MichED A5: Teachers are a "guide on the side" and students are active participants in their own learning.
  192. A5: Teacher as facilitator in a classroom where each student determines his/her own pace and path. #MichEd
  193. A5: I can always see how #CBL would work in upper grades but what does it look like in K-2? Is it a part time thing? Ideas? #Miched
  194. A5: instruction: clarity via the instructional framework, systematic supports are established, and a growth mindset is cultivated. #MichED
  195. Q5 teacher told me it's letting students have freedom to choose because what's right time for her might not be right time for them #michED
  196. How do you track progress/completition of competencies? #MichED
  197. A5: teacher as guide, student is in the drivers' seat. Choice, remediation,many ways to show mastery #MichED
  198. @ErinMastin Works great in the elementary level. Student mastery triumphs over pace and time. #MichED
  199. A5 The T would serve as a facilitator. This may require some adjustments for some Ts and Ps. #MichEd
  200. I wish I could just give it a go for 1 month to see what happens…I think I would thrive as a teacher in that environment! #MichED
  201. #cbl sounds like the far right column on all of the new teacher evaluation rubrics. #miched
  202. A5: When learning is driven by students while guided by teacher on intentionally-designed learning pathways  https://twitter.com/WidmerKelly/status/798219006834569218  #michED
  203. A5: Letting go of traditional one-size-fits-all planning to develop adaptive curriculum for personalized learning #MichEd
  204. @teambond Completely agree! Ts have stated it’s revived their work and craft! Great contact is @MrsTLeon in Fraser! #MichED
  205. There are many systems to do this, but it can be helped tremendously by leveraging technology @ehaygood #michED
  206. @techsavvyed ABSOLUTELY! A solid PLC structure and administrative support/TIME to develop/plan #MichEd
  207. We are running out of time everyone! Thank you SO MUCH for your participation and incredible insight. Proud of the work happening at #MichED
  208. @ErinMastin Early literacy is CBL with customized reading groups. K-2 teachers meet Ss at their level #Miched
  209. THank you @DrDaveFPS ! This is a conversation that obviously needs to continue. Feel free to use #MichED stream to continue convos
  210. @DrDaveFPS I would guess that most K-2 Ts would be great at #CBL because they differentiate constantly when teaching reading. Right? #miched
  211. @teambond it would be nice to have the freedom and tools to give it a go! #miched sadly we have tests and district mandates to follow
  212. A5: there is also a significant (and often difficult) paradigm shift to a facilitator of learning (obvious but worth noting). #MichED
  213. @RMWynkoop My pleasure! What a great discussion! Great minds and thought leaders! #MichED
  214. If you'd like to connect with some fellow elementary folks @teambond, I'll put you in touch with #TeamTwain :-) #michED
  215. Thanks #MichEd and @DrDaveFPS for making my first trip a smooth ride. I'll be keeping this on the calendar.
  216. An enlightening chat. Thank you moderators and guests. #miched
  217. @ErinMastin It’s a MUCH better fit K-2 than at the secondary level in the early stages. Resembles work they already attempt to do. #miched
  218. A5 it matches the education to the learner, so it requires constant feedback and collaboration with others #Miched
  219. Other states have made the shift, but it all has to start with teacher leaders like we have here in #michED @blocht574 @teambond
  220. Thank you all so much! I am now much more informed, but also ready to dive in deeper. #miched
  221. @ASutherland41 I’ve taught K-8 grade & I’ve always thought/said we should MS/HS Ts should teach like ES Ts. Trade 4 a day at least. #miched
  222. And a ton of forethought to prepare for it and account for multiple pathways possible simultaneously @EDParadigmShift #michED
  223. @blocht574 I wish we could have some type of a program where we could have lab schools or a waiver so we could try things! #MichED
  224. Thanks for leading an enlightening chat on#CBC @DrDaveFPS #miched Great ideas tonight
  225. Team #FraserFamily - Thank you for your support and participation in the chat tonight! Your insight is authentic! #MichED
  226. A HUGE thanks to @DrDaveFPS for leading us through an important chat about competency-based education! #miched
  227. I thoroughly enjoyed the #MichEd chat on CBL. I made several connections to my #PLN and I appreciate it. Thanks again.
  228. @teambond maybe we could talk @WeverWorld to get MSU to start a Lab school for #miched around metro D for this!!
  229. Thanks a bunch @DrDaveFPS! This work is so important and the continued collaboration is needed to pull off the "heavy lifting"! #MichED
  230. Great conversation & discussion tonight #michED! It always sparks so many ideas to learn from you. Thanks @DrDaveFPS for moderating on #CBL!
  231. Thanks #MichEd and @DrDaveFPS for a great chat! Have a great rest of your week!
  232. Ugh. Yes, as do many trying to do SBG @ehaygood and it can be discouraging. #michED
  233. It's not too far off, fortunately, @teambond but I think often the standards-based world is a standards-referenced on w/ID crisis #michED
  234. @ErinMastin Yes, & I've learned that K-2 Ts use CBE SOPs to give Ss ownership of classroom structures & strong habits of mind #miched
  235. 30 students with 30 different paths in one room. They have so much to add if we can just be brave enough to give up the reins. #MichEd