#SheFightsPoverty: Highlighting TechnoServe's Work with Enterprising Women


  1. To highlight TechnoServe's work empowering women around the world, we launched an integrated multimedia campaign around International Women's Day that included: TechnoServe's first peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, a social media campaign coordinated with our partners, media outreach, and speaking appearances at high-profile events.
  2. Engaging Our Supporters

  3. On International Women's Day, we publicly launched our #SheFightsPoverty campaign in which we invited our supporters to raise $500 to help train a woman entrepreneur in a developing country. The PIMCO Foundation provided a dollar-for-dollar match for the campaign, up to $5,000.
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  5. We challenged our supporters to test their knowledge of women in developing countries by taking TechnoServe's first Buzzfeed quiz.
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  7. We also created an expertise page, case studies and blog posts explaining our approach to engaging and empowering women.
  8. We worked with our partners, the PIMCO Foundation, Kellogg, Cairn India, TFO and America's Charities, to raise awareness about our projects.
  9. Promoting Our Work With Women

  10. TechnoServe's Director of Strategic Initiatives, Katarina Kahlmann, and Director of Entrepreneurship, Juan Carlos Thomas, spoke at two different International Women's Day events, organized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and FINCA.