Selecting The Right Automated Time Clock Software


  1. Relying on automated time clock software is the easiest way to keep track of working hours. Logging working hours and schedules manually takes time and leaves lots of room for errors. Using software can make logging working hours easier for everyone, but you need to select the right software for your business.
  2. Ask yourself what would be the most convenient way for employees to time clock in and out. You could find software that is meant to work on a computer and you will have to provide employees usage of a computer to allow them to time clock in and out with their sign in. You will discover software that supports remote gain access to also, which means employees can log their hours from their Smartphones or from their computer system once they get home. Additionally it is possible to find software appropriate for other devices such as for example POS so that cashiers can simply log in their time from their workstation.
  3. Make a set of the features you are likely to need. The right automated online time clock software ought to be adapted to the precise needs of your business. For instance, if employees get to take several unpaid breaks during their day, you need to find software that allows persons to quickly log in and out. You might also want to find time clock software that includes scheduling features in order that you can record working hours and create work schedules with the same tool.
  4. Compatibility is another important characteristic to look at if you use payroll or accounting software. Ideally, you should be in a position to easily export data from your time clock software into your payroll software. Look for a product that is appropriate for the payroll or accounting program you currently use.
  5. Security and identification features are important also. You should decide what kind of steps you want employees to take when they clock in or out. If fraud is usually a concern, look for software that will ask for advanced authentication or that will require workers to scan a badge to time clock them in or out. If fraud isn't a concern, time clock software that simple requires employees to enter a pin or a password could possibly be enough.
  6. You should discover more about different wall clock products and choose one which is adapted to the desires of your business. Ask yourself what kind of features you will definitely need to find the perfect software.