One of Mother Nature's Most Useful Products: Tea Tree Oil

The steam distillation of any essential oil is a two-step process.


  1. Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca oil, is a highly scented oil that is distilled from the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia, or "Tea Tree." It is embodied with an array of medicinal properties that make it prized the world over. Its odor is distinctive, akin to the camphor family of scents, but unique unto itself. Once people discover tea tree oil's unique healing properties, they tend to unanimously agree its sharp and pungent scent smells divine! For centuries, tea tree oil has been used medicinally by the Australian Aborigines to treat a far-reaching range of complaints.

    Depending upon the particular authority you consult, you'll find that Apothecary Extracts web site is good for almost anything that ails you. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties which make it valuable not only medicinally, but also as a disinfectant. Today, tea tree oil is exported to countries around the world, where it is popularly employed in such diverse applications as treating illness, dental care, as an ingredient in household cleaning products, for first-aid, aromatherapy, cosmetics, acne products and more. It is considered one of the most valuable of essential oils, and one many people choose when concocting products at home, such as soap, shampoo and air fresheners.

    The steam distillation of any essential oil is a two-step process. First, plant material is subjected to steam generated from water in a sealed chamber for approximately two hours. Once the internal temperature of this material (usually leaves and branches) reaches 212°, steam from both the water and the oil starts to push its way through a condenser, and from there, into a separation chamber, where the majority of the oil is extracted from the water. The second step in the process necessitates that this just-rendered oil sits, undisturbed, in a sanitized container for a minimum of twelve hours. This period of resting is what distinguishes exceptional tea tree oil from merely mediocre. Sitting allows the oil to "settle," after which the remaining water and impurities are siphoned off.

    As with any usable oil, the quality matters – a lot. Apothecary's Amazon Page ( ) is one of the few pages on Amazon that has nearly a thousand positive reviews! Check for yourself – all you will see are five star reviews, which are well-deserved, as Apothecary imports and sells only the purest of oils. Tea tree oil should be decanted only in semi-opaque to opaque bottles. This is to protect it from sunlight, which degrades the oil and reduces its potency. Stored properly, quality tea tree oil will have an almost indefinite shelf life.