Deep Learning Summit - Track 2: Business Applications, 10 & 11 October, Montreal

At the Deep Learning Summit Track 2 in Montreal we've explored deep learning software & applications to transform and optimize business efficiency.


  1. Missed our Deep Learning Summit, Montreal? You can watch the presentations on demand at our Video Hub or attend our next events in San Francisco!
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  3. Testimonials
  4. "This is my first ever AI conference. It's been incredible so far! I am really looking forward to the panel sessions." - Ian Wayne from Human Resource Systems Group
  5. "I really like this conference because everyone speaks the same language, everyone speaks technology." - Derek Wiggins from Sightline Innovation
  6. "My favourite presentation was the Intel Nervana talk from Hanlin Tang because they were able to apply the same model to solve very very different problems which is what blew my mind. It shows the power of deep learning vs traditional machine learning!" - Jordan Harris from Kingsmen Software
  7. "I really liked Miles from Deutsch Telecoms presentation because he talked about the dynamics of working with startups and why it is valuable." - Krista Caldwell from Deepnify
  8. "The summit has been great and I have learnt lots of tips for successful AI. My favourite talk was Hanlin Tang from Intel because it was very technical." - Eric Hamel from Optel Vision
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