Chatbots Track, Deep Learning Summit, London 2016 #reworkbots

The 2016 Deep Learning Summit in London featured a breakout Chatbots Track, where participants came together to explore the AI and deep learning methods behind chatbots and virtual assistants. This event took place alongside the Deep Learning Summit, view the Storify:


  1. Testimonials:

  2. "Great conference! Perfect size- not too big not too small.” - Ashley Hathaway, IBM Watson
  3. "Thank you for your hard work organising the conference. It was fantastic, I was impressed by the quality of the speakers as well as the audience. The organisation was very professional, it was the first conference where I was invited to a talk where timing was perfectly respected, there weren't any technical issues and the presentation run smoothly! And the food was awesome." - Alberto Chierici, Spixii
  4. "Thanks again for inviting us to talk last week, we really enjoyed the conference and were impressed at the organisation.” - Hari Radhakrishnan & Josh Mesout, AstraZeneca
  5. "As an AI technologist from within the chatbot industry as it emerges, and as a postdoc academic in Artificial Intelligence "Use Cases" in the UK and on the Continent, I can recommend RE•WORK summits for both the practitioner and the theorist.
    Well done to the smart women behind this operation - they are clearly adept at picking the right minds, at the right time, to speak on the most relevant topics.
    My peers and colleagues in a range of industries from Shanghai to New York were also impressed. And the icing on the conference cake for my AI bot company velmai was getting a couple of prospective, large scale orders for our bespoke bot customisations. Now that makes RE•WORK really worthwhile!
    " - Tania Peitzker, velmai
  6. "Great gender balance throughout the event which is refreshing and inspiring to see.” - Ogaday Willers Moore, Advizzo
  7. "I was really impressed with the quality of the event, job well done!“ - Alan Nichol, LastMile
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