Search for Elaina Steinfurth

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    Elaina Steinfurth: missing 18-month-old girl; her remains were later found and identified
    Angela Steinfurth: 25, biological mother of Elaina and Kylee Steinfurth, 4; married to, but estranged from, Terry Steinfurth, Jr.
    Terry "TJ" Steinfurth, Jr.: 25, biological father of Elaina and Kylee Steinfurth; married to, but estranged from, Angela Steinfurth
    Terry Steinfurth, Sr.: 53, biological father of Terry Steinfurth, Jr.
    Richard Schiewe: 58, stepfather of Angela Steinfurth
    Steven King, Jr., 23, ex/estranged boyfriend of Angela Steinfurth

    Terry Steinfurth, Jr., and Angela Steinfurth met more than a decade ago at Sunny's Campground in Wauseon, Ohio. They dated on and off for 9 years, and, during that time, had their first daughter, Kylee, who is now 4. In July, 2011, the two were married at the Lucas County Common Pleas Courthouse. In December of the same year, Elaina was born.
    TJ said the two started to fight more once Elaina was born -- differences in parenting styles and a one-income household made life tense for the young couple, he said.
    In November, the two decided to separate, but continued to live together until either late February or early March because of financial reasons, TJ, said.
    Angela began dating Steven King, Jr., who she has known for years after they met at Sunny's Campground in Wauseon.
    The estranged married couple continued to see one another to exchange Kylee and Elaina in an unofficial custody agreement. The two have not filed for divorce.
  3. June 1: Angela is seen with Elaina on a home security surveillance system outside an East Toledo home, pushing the toddler in a stroller, carrying the girl, and rocking her back and forth. Elaina appears alert in the video.
  4. Baby Elaina Steinfurth with her mother a day before going missing
  5. June 2: TJ went to 704 Federal St., where Angela was staying with the girls and her boyfriend's family, to pick up Elaina and Kylee.
    According to a police report and interviews with the families, Angela gave Kylee to TJ, but said Elaina had been put down for a nap and that she would not wake up the toddler. TJ left to get his father, Terry Steinfurth, Sr., to act as a go-between.
    A brief, apparently verbal, altercation happens, but eventually Angela tells her estranged husband and father-in-law that Elaina is no longer in the house and she does not know where the toddler is or who took her.
    The girl is reported missing at 3 p.m.
  6. June 3: TJ tells The Blade: "We’ve been organizing search parties, going door-to-door, looking for any information since 4 a.m. I am just hoping that she’s safe. I want my baby home. I am very concerned.”
    Police question numerous people, including the maternal and paternal families. Toledo police and FBI agents conduct wide searches in East Toledo, looking in homes, vacant properties, and garbage cans.
    June 4: Officials start searching the Maumee River for any sign of Elaina.
  7. June 5: Angela and her stepfather, Richard Schiewe, receive a false tip that a fisherman at the marina has snagged a duffel bag. The two stop their dinner and go to the marina, talking to every fisherman they find. No one has heard or seen anything. The two decide to go back to the Maumee River the next day to look again at the area already searched by police and federal agents.
  8. June 6: Starting at 9 a.m., Angela and Richard start at a clearing near the Anthony Wayne Bridge, better known in Toledo as the High Level Bridge, intending to search the area along the Maumee River.
    Soon after beginning their search, Angela finds a freshly used diaper, the same size and brand Elaina wears. She alerts police, who are nearby, and soon officers and agents are again searching the area. That afternoon, the Toledo Fire Department's dive team is called in and surface divers spend several hours in the Maumee River.
  9. Police collecting evidence along the bank of the Maumee River. The mother of missing 18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth claimed she found a fresh diaper that is the same brand and size her daughter wears. No police comment yet. #Toledo
  10. Two women looking through the brush for anything that could be related to search for #Elaina. #Toledo
  11. #Toledo fire crews gearing up to dive in the Maumee River. They have been, and continue to, use SONAR, as they look for missing 18-month-old Elaina.
  12. Oregon police also search a Jerusalem Township field after two psychics, one consulted by family and the other sought out by a neighbor, say the toddler is there.
  13. June 9: A group of volunteers meets in East Toledo to search for Elaina.
  14. June 12: The Toledo Police Department and FBI announce a $10,000 reward for anyone who provides credible information leading to Elaina's Whereabouts. The downtown Toledo police Investigative Services Bureau is on lockdown from the public for much of the day as investigators continue to question family and acquaintances about Elaina.
  15. That evening, police and FBI again descend upon the neighborhood, searching several properties and towing a maroon van that is registered to Angela's boyfriend, Steven King, Jr.