#Oakland City Council shares budget 2013-15 priorities

On Thursday (5/23/13) during a special City Council budget meeting, council members shared what they would like to see in the budget. Tonya (@tdlove5) and #oakmtg has the scoop!


  1. Every two years Oakland City Council decides how it's going to spend revenue in the general fund to support city employees, including police and fire department, and other services.
       This year, the process has been a bit controversial. In the past couple of years, Oakland City Council has been able to negotiate with local govt employees in to making concessions to help the city thru the slow economy. This year, city employees are fed up and would like to recoup what they lost after hearing that Oakland is now on the upswing. We have $8M in increased revenue! However, we still are experiencing cuts to programs due to federal sequestration and the state not supporting local redevelopment. Plus, the Oakland Police Department is suffering due to low staffing and facing reorganization via federal court order.
    The City Administrator has special plans for one time reallocation of that $8M, though..
  2. Anyways..back to my story..

    After the Mayor and City administrator submitted their budget proposal, and organized several town halls asking the public their budget wishes, council members shared what they will be advocating for.   The city council has until June 30th to pass a budget.

    Below are a series of tweets by @tdlove5 and other #oakmtg participants listing city council budget priorities. 

  3. (Council member Larry Reid from District 7 was not present for this meeting).

    Council member Desley Brooks (District 6) summarizes her budget priorities with 4 guiding principles and presents a motion to be adopted by the city council, right then and there!
  4. She even presented results of a written survey that was handed out at her District 6 budget town hall:

  5.   There was much discussion on this proposal between the council.  
  6. CM Schaaf (District 4) made public her concerns

  7. She believed that the principle "#1. A city in which public safety is defined as more than just police" places too much negativity towards #OPD and that #2 should include "a livable city should include other vulnerable populations besides children and seniors..

  8.   After CM Dan Kalb (District 1) established that the proposal was broad enough to make sure that certain elements that are important to everyone can be addressed by this proposal,
  9. The council took a vote..
  10. Next..Council member Rebecca Kaplan (at- large) Budget Priorities: