Reviews and reaction to Theatre Centre's latest show, Twist...


  1. "Twist successfully takes the complexity of the Syrian refugee crisis and condenses it into one human experience. The approach makes for an emotional and thought-provoking show that is not too hard to comprehend, moving to watch and which suits its younger target audience." - Everything Theatre
  2. “Twist is a superior piece of Theatre in Education and Odimba has pitched the tone acutely for young audiences, with a show that is accessible but not patronizing.” - Exeunt Magazine
  3. “This is a show which really makes its audience – many of whom are likely to be young – think about some very serious, relevant and topical issues. And as usual with Theatre Centre it pulls that off without ever forgetting that this is a play so it also has to entertain. It’s full of dramatic tension and occasionally there’s humour.”/ “Excellent young actors.” / “Smooth and stylised physical theatre.” – Susan Elkin