The Muddy Choir

Theatre Centre toured The Muddy Choir from September to November 2014 and January to February 2015. Here's what people thought...


  1. The Muddy Choir: Trailer
  2. Website Comment: OMG! Watched the show today and it was flipping brilliant! The actors were brilliant! The scenery was brilliant! Everything was brilliant! It was so good. I also loved doing the workshop afterwards as it increased my confidence and has completed my decision on becoming an actress!!! Thanks again to everyone involved. It was so great! I can't stop talking about it! (Notice how many exclamation marks I put in this comment. Ha ha!)
    Comment left by:Jessica Carter-19.01.2015 21:03
  3. Website Comment: It was truly an honour to watch those 3 actors perform on stage, you were at our school on Thursday, and I was simply blown away at the twists and turns in the story so much so that i believed it was based on a true one. I really enjoyed it,
    Thank you :)
    Comment left by:Katie-24.09.2014 19:03
  4. Website Comment: The company came in to our school last week and the feedback from the students has been fantastic. They loved the characters and engaged in discussion afterwards about how the play ended and what happened next. Would definitely recommend this company and play especially all boys schools
    Sophie Rose Head of Drama
    Comment left by:Sophie rose-30.09.2014 21:18
  5. Website Comment: This was amazing! It was so powerful, it bought me to tears. The actors were phenomenal, and I was completely invested in the characters 100%. It showed courage, determination, and loyalty. Really, an absolutely beautiful play.
    Comment left by:Millie Lovekin-09.10.2014 17:10
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