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I happen to have that research right here, Mr Keller

The day sociologist Zeynep Tufekci dropped a bundle of knowledge on the New York Times's Bill Keller (with help from Twitter and a whole lot of scholarship)


  1. UMBC's Tufekci, though, wasn't all that relieved that Keller seemed to be walking back "Twitter makes you stupid." 

    Instead, she took direct aim at Keller's new claim about the limits/costs of social media: "The time you spend keeping up with your 200 Facebook friends is time you are not getting to know someone really well in person." 

  2. Note: not just a dismissal! Not just conjecture! Not even "just" a refutation! An alternative hypothesis with better support from the data. 

    In just four tweets. Ka-pow. 
  3. Now, Bill Keller doesn't tweet much. And he almost never engages with critics, especially outside the Times. In his interview with Keller, De Rosa points out to Keller that he [De Rosa] "was the only non-New York Times staffer you ever replied to in over two years over Twitter." 

  4. But something in Tufecki's tweets -- perhaps the boldness, perhaps the unmistakable aura of a deliberate, well-developed argument -- must have caught Mr. Keller's attention. 
  5. So the Times' executive editor asked for more. And boy, did he get it.