14 for '14: My Top Tweets from 2014

I decided to reflect on "the year that's been" by looking back through my most favorited & retweeted tweets of 2014. Below is a great collection of people & ideas focused on leadership, teaching, and learning.


  1. #14: Quote by Elissa Good Smith (@SraSmithLCS) during her speech at #AVIDSI14 in Philadelphia

  2. This quote really encapsulates the "guide on the side" concept:
  3. Read the rest of her fantastic speech here:
  4. #13: A pic of my first-ever graphic recording, ACPS Superintendent Pam Moran (@pammoran)'s welcome speech to the county's new teachers

  5. After years of interest in sketchnotes and graphic recording, I was extremely appreciative to have been able to give it a try during this year's New Teacher Academy on August 5. What's more was seeing the signatures of so many of our new teachers right next to this image, signifying their commitment to "join the team" in Albemarle County.
  6. #12: 7 Questions to End Your Week

  7. These questions made a huge impact on my practice this year. Even though I only found them in November, I have since applied them to my own growth during reflective periods as well as with the coaches with whom I work.
  8. The most powerful "switch" that the poster flipped was reminding me that our days as educators- and even more so, in our lives as a whole- are but a small part of a larger personal #PassionProject. The moment we forget that is the moment we need to remember it as soon as possible.
  9. #11: A way of thinking about schools as a learning organization

  10. Another great "personal growth as passion" reminder- one that reminded me of Senge's Fifth Discipline in its connection to developing learning organizations.
  11. #10: A great idea to bring math into the classroom

  12. I love these kinds of visuals- they give people immediately applicable ideas for classrooms. Who knows how it will be used? Would be fascinating to follow up with all of those who faved & RTed to ask.
  13. #9: A leadership mash-up connecting Simon Sinek's Why-How-What with Dan Pink's Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose

  14. This was but a small part in a larger #satchat conversation about the role of leadership in education. It was one of those posts that "felt good" in that it tied so many different works together into a succinct and potentially actionable framework.
  15. #8: The difference between "testing" and "assessing", according to Syna Morgan (@synamorgan)

  16. During the pre-conference event at EdLeader21's event in Atlanta this past October, Syna Morgan dropped this idea on the group, which made an impression both inside the room and out in the twittersphere.
  17. #7: The intersection that defines one's purpose