RNC Talk of the Town: Sunday, Aug. 26

The Republican National Convention's arrived, and The Tampa Tribune and TBO.com are watching for all that's being said in Tampa and about Tampa. We'll share what's trending, what's funny, and what's important to RNC visitors and locals alike.


  1. While a Ron Paul rally dominated much of the early part of the day, Herman Cain was trending later in the day after the former Republican candidate for President spoke at a rally. Of course, the welcome party - which was a big hit - was still in high gear while all this was taking place.

  2. In case you turned on your television this afternoon expecting to see a Rays game (like I did), this is the reason for a rare Sunday off - the Republican National Convention welcome party. The event is being held at Tropicana Field and has attracted plenty of delegates and media alike. And outside, it has also drawn some protestors, who made their way across the bay to have their say.

  3. Some views from outside the Trop, courtesy of Tribune reporter Howard Altman @haltman who is outside the chain link fences
  4. The show must go on, or at least most of the show. Even though the start of the convention is being delayed by Isaac, many of the parties to kick off events on Sunday are still being held, including the official welcome party being held at Tropicana Field. There is also a Zombie convention - yes, you read that right - taking place.

  5. And here is the "official'' Zombie candidate for president, which is actually a publicity stunt for AMC's Walking Dead.