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Projecting Change Through Social Media

On Tuesday, May 17, the Projecting Change Film Festival (PCFF) co-presented a workshop with the Social Media Club Vancouver to discuss how filmmakers can use social media to support their work.


  1. The workshop took place at the Hive, a new coworking space downtown close to W2.
  2. Projecting Change Through Social Media in Vancouver - Yurbanism
    Projecting Change Through Social Media in Vancouver - Yurbanism
  3. Here's a handy list of Twitter handles for the night's speakers. 
  4. First up, @Nimisha_Mukerji to discuss her doc about Eva, a cystic fibrosis patient who needed a double-lung transplant. She sadly passed away in March 2010.
  5. Next, Jon Ornery, the producer of With Glowing Hearts, and well-known social media educator Kemp Edmonds, outlined the social media efforts they employed to raise funds and promote the film. 
  6. With Glowing Hearts - Movie Trailer
  7. Jeremy Murphy, the last plenary speaker, provided more background on HiVE, a new co-working space in downtown Vancouver for non-profit organizations, small businesses, social entrepreneurs and independent contractors in creative and sustainable industries.