#nowyvr with @jaybaer

The Now Revolution [Chapter 1 FREE] written by Jay Baer & Amber Naslund is being released in February, 2011. As part of the book tour, Vancouver area social media advocates have built an evening to celebrate and highlight the book's fresh and important perspective for companies and agencies looking at how to go forward successfully in an increasingly social business world.


  1. Jay Baer: Hype free with a golden key – The Age of Social Media ...
    Jay Baer: Hype free with a golden key – The Age of Social Media ...
  2. Humour--from Jay, the panelists and the audience--made this event a stand-out. Here's a couple of samples...
  3. The panelists tended to agree that PostRank was an affordable means of tapping real-time data from the social web.
  4. For those who want to be able to weed out self-proclaimed "social media gurus," Kemp suggested asking them if they used Google Analytics. To paraphrase, an expert should be able to track the impact of an action from cradle to grave, i.e. from creating the content, shortening the URL and tracking performance of individual posts to the type of traffic a website receives (sources, keywords, etc.).
  5. Beware those who seem overly enthusiastic about social media--they probably don't know what it takes to be successful.
  6. One of the most interesting points of the night involved Twitter--some felt the tool is over-rated while others defended its value. Jay Baer felt Twitter was over-hyped and LinkedIn was the most under-appreciated tool in social now.
  7. Cool insight into the writing process--Jay and Amber included over 20 QR Codes in their book and used Microsoft Tag for two reasons: (1) Microsoft would still be in business in a year, and (2) their URLs could be updated/changed so they had longer to write the supplementary content--finishing it just a couple of weeks ago as opposed to several months ago when the rest of the book went to print.
  8. Jay had the opportunity to pursue two niches when specializing in social: (1) advertising or (2) PR. He choose the latter b/c while advertising could keep producing broadcast content (radio, tv, etc.), PR had to adapt to social or die.
  9. The panel was moderated by Kemp Edmonds. Panelists: Erin Garrity, Shane Gibson, Mark Smiciklas, and Jay Baer.