Building a Modern Brand

Modern Craft, a new agency in Vancouver guiding brands through digital change, hosted its first Transformation Talk at THNK School of Creative Leadership on Feb. 11, 2015. The focus was on how to build a brand in an era of constant change and digital disruption.

  1. Two principles formed the backbone of the night's presentations by Lululemon, Telus Digital and THNK School of Creative Leadership.
  2. Christine Turner of Lululemon spoke about what she learned working in a restaurant and how many of the skills mastered there she continues to apply now--from always moving to how to approach temperamental team members with bad news.
  3. Following Christine's presentation, Neal and Laura from Telus Digital discussed the challenges and triumphs bringing agile thinking, lean methodology and innovation to a large organization.
  4. Finally, Sarah from THNK School of Creative Leadership, talked about how passion ignites leadership. She closed the presentations with an exercise, breaking up the crowd into small groups and asking strangers to define their passion and what it looks like to live it.
  5. One idea that stayed with me was the idea of innovation and how embedded it is in the culture at Lululemon, whereas Telus Digital hived off a space for a special "innovation" task force. Ideally, we all want to work in an organization where new ideas and failure are normal--the cost of innovation. But often large or conservative or risk-averse organizations can only do so incrementally by first introducing an innovation lab as Telus has done.
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