Police say 2 suspects dead; 1 female, 1 male; third person detained

After a high-speed chase and a long gunfight, two mass-shooting suspects are dead and police have detained a third suspect who they don't know if was involved. Police said one dead suspect was male and one was female. They were armed with assault rifles and handguns. Police recovered AR-15 style long guns and a pipe bomb from the vehicle.


  1. Police press conference at 7:35 Central Time-
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  3. Police units were in hot pursuit of the vehicle when police said somebody started firing at them with a rifle out the back window. Police hit the vehicle with multiple rounds, and it came to a stop surrounded by officers with weapons drawn.
  4. After SWAT controlled the scene, officers began the process of removing the wounded man from the back seat.

  5. The information from the press conference is as follows: