#MarriedWomen and Male Entitlement

"Husband, Father, Pastor, Medical Doctor, Mentor, Reformer" @drtonyrapu - who appears to be a popular purveyor of, um, stuff? - decided to mansplain to women precisely their place and purpose in married life. Well, he says married but he probably means servant/slave. Welcome to #MarriedWomen.

byTauriq Moosa1,934 Views
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  1. This popped up on my feed not hours after I wrote about the toxicity of male entitlement and its ubiquity

    So... Oh boy. Let's have a look at these thoughts shall we, in reverse chronological order.
  2. Or, you know, treated like a person. I don't think we're in Game of Thrones.
  3. Presumably that would be happening anyway, if it affects him. Otherwise, if a woman is, say, a CEO of a major corporation (yes, that happens now!) and her husband is completely ignorant on business matters, I don't see why he would need to be consulted. Surprisingly, men don't gain magical powers of knowledge upon being made husbands. 
  4. My hand is sore from facepalming. I don't know what's worse: your misunderstanding of what submission means or your ambiguity of who "made the rules". 
  5. Didn't realise God could only do one thing at a time, poor guy. Also, what does "work on your husband" mean? Is my husband a robot requiring updates?
  6. Er...
  7. Yes, women: Your husband cheating or leaving you because you refused to fuck him is your fault. How dare you. It's not possible he's a raging, entitled asshole; it's not possible for him to respect you regardless of you not "affirimg" him day-in and day-out. It's not possible that your living with him, helping each other, creating a mutual beneficial life together with him is "affirming" enough. No! MEN NEED MORE!
  8. Shame, poor baba.
  9. Well, if he does something worth being proud over, sure. But, why would you need to tell someone this?
  10. Where are all these men requiring public validation constantly from their wives? And, who would marry and be in long term relationships from desperate, scary men?
  11. Er, or we could be making it together?