Doctors Against Politicians in the Exam Room

Politicians are passing laws gagging doctors from telling patients the truth, forcing doctors to read from scripts and even perform unnecessary procedures. Physicians are fed up, and they're fighting back.


  1. The most insidious way American politicians attempt to influence the behavior of private citizens is by quietly passing laws that interfere with doctor-patient communications, going so far as to force doctors to lie to patients.
  2. It’s a growing problem that has reached crisis proportions.
  3. Politics in the Exam Room: A Growing Threat is a new report examining state laws that intrude into exam rooms in the areas of toxic chemical exposures, women’s reproductive health, and gun violence prevention, jeopardizing the quality of medical care available to patients.
  4. The issue was a hot topic at the National Physicians Alliance meeting last weekend, where it was clear that doctors are fighting back.
  5. In the wake of the NPA conference, advocates across public heath issues, doctors, and people who simply believe that politicians do not belong in the exam room participated in a twitterstorm to share resources and raise awareness about this insidious form of government intrusion into private lives.
  6. So what can be done to get politicians out of the exam room?
  7. In trying to figure out what can be done to get politicians out of the exam room, all eyes are on model legislation out of Pennsylvania.
  8. Pennsylvania has the opportunity to lead the country by stating unequivocally that politicians should stay out of the exam room by passing the Patient Trust Act.
    Recently re-introduced by Rep. Dan Frankel (D-Allegheny), the Patient Trust Act has the support of more than 40 professional organizations.