#ScioVisual: Is your art (or lack thereof) sabotaging your written message?

This session was presented on Friday at the ScienceOnline Together 2014 Unconference. Find links to sites with free images and similar resources here.


  1. Description for session: Science wordsmiths may forget that the power of an image can exceed the power of the sword and the word. The images written communicators use – or don't use – send messages of their own, perhaps not the ones we intend. In fact, the image (or lack thereof) can sabotage the message or, at best, decrease the likelihood that others will even pay attention to it. Is a mediocre image/illustration/photo better than a poorly chosen image? Is no image better than a mediocre image? What characteristics determine whether an image undermines or underscores our message? Whether you're an experienced image communicator, a novice, or you've never given it much thought, let's talk about finding, using or making images that enhance our message.
  2. Many of the subsequent tweets include links to resources with free images (though you should always be sure to credit where the images come from!).
  3. Pinterest and Instagram were mentioned as two underutilized resources for science images and pushing readers toward your blog.