Gathering ideas for #govlearn session 2015: "Future of the LMS in the Public Sector"

As I was preparing for a session at the Forward Government Learning conference 2015 on the topic "The Future of the LMS in the Public Sector", I put out a call on twitter to (ex)-Government peeps in my PLN to get a range of views on the topic.

bytanyalau13 Views

  1. Vanessa and Con both commented on the need to broaden our thinking and use of the LMS beyond compliance and simple measures to more meaningful activity and reporting:
  2. Con also made a point about more strategic decision making in the use of these systems, particularly where LMS acquisition is associated with ERP projects. This was an interesting view for me as the government agency I'm working for is currently undertaking a huge ERP project. Whilst this is not the reason we are acquiring (another!) LMS, I do recognise that any ERP- related project has a big impact on HR / OD systems - including the LMS.
  3. Also of interest to me were Con’s comments relating to greater sharing and collaboration across government agencies – this connected with my initial thoughts relating to big picture public sector reforms re consolidation of agencies and moving towards shared services models - and the subsequent implications of this (shared systems & shared content / learning experiences...and what this could potentially lead to...shared behaviours and values?)
  4. More about the session I presented here: