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Paracetamol Overdose

A recent twitter conversation alerted me to the updated UK guidelines for NAC administration in instances of paracetamol overdose. The first NAC dose is now given over an hour (previously 15 minutes) to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis. Love the process of #FOAMed!


  1. The story begins when I mention a pearl from the website
  2. The original story by Ian Miller at was immediately updated to reflect this.

  3. Rapid response on twitter alerted me to the new recommendations. I then updated my own tweet.

  4. Now St Emlyn's chimes in from Virchester to confirm the latest UK guidelines have been changed to 1 hour for initial dose.

  5. @DrGuiri (from Catalonia, Spain) points out availability of a free Paracetamol Overdose app

  6. But the app hasn't been updated yet.....

  7. .... although we now have a link to the latest UK Guidelines. Vive la #FOAMed. Brilliant.