The Recipes Conference Day 2

A continuing virtual conversation


  1. Day 2 continued the trend of June 2, with lots of lively and interesting twitter conversations; from examples of first cookbooks that inspired a love of recipes, to exploration of what makes a recipe, to examples of recipes from the past, as well as catching up with our two special projects for the day. First is @sietske_fransen tweeting her discoveries from the Royal Society, that worked both with and around our emerging conversations, and the continuation of @Spuddenly_Farm's always intriguing journey into recipes via the humble potato.
  2. However, the day really started with a discussion of the most common first step into recipe love affairs: via the humble cookbook.
  3. This discussion soon moved into the connections between cooking, cookbooks, and family heritage, as well as the emotional connections we have with cooking.
  4. Then Laurence Totelin (@ltotelin) took us back a couple of thousand years to talk about some varieties of very early recipes and the emerging of 'celebrity culture'.