The Recipes Conference Day 3


  1. One thing that you can depend on historians to do is continue research in their own time without any prompting! Nothing shows more how the Recipes Conference has ignited interest than the wealth of discussion on June 12th - not an official event day, but a day taken up by our contributors: especially Hillary Nunn (@HillaryNunn) and Whitney Thompson (@klahom) with their baking experiment. With a historical recipe, an overabundance of eggs, the tedious process of mashing oranges by hand, and the good old see-what-happens method, nobody ever said baking research was going to be easy!
  2. Just when you thought there couldn't be more excitement than what our contributors all served up on the second day of the Recipes Project, they just had to go and pull out all the stops for Day 3. On the blog we hosted Peter Murray Jones, and Harry Hayfield, with their stories of alchemist friars and musketeer chefs! On twitter, Sietske Fransen (@sietske_fransen) continued her ever-interesting recipes tweeting, and as always, the discussion was open to all contributors.
  3. The first discussion of the day moved on from our contributors first recipe books to ingredients. Two main queries got the ball rolling, and as usual our contributors threw in a number of interesting and sometimes surprising answers!
  4. Some of these ingredients were well-known and well loved, utilised in many modern recipes. Others were less well known, prompting a delve into the extinct, disused, and downright strange ingredients of the past. I'm not sure the NHS will prescribe Dead Man's skull anymore, are you?