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3 Ways To Tune Into Your Intuitive and Psychic Abilities

Want to tune into your intuitive and psychic abilities? Check these 3 ways and use your intuition for business and relationships!


  1. Do you feel that you just "know" about certain things before they happen? Ever have dreams where the events happen in real life after you dreamed about them? Ever know who's calling before answering the phone?

    If these have happened to you, then you're intuitive and have psychic abilities. Everyone has this gift, it's a skill that should be learned and used more often. It can help you in business and relationships to increase your "knowing" of what to do, decisions to make, and action steps to follow.

    Here's ten ways for you to increase your intuitiveness and practice your psychic abilities to connect more often, more clearly, and more on purpose.
  2. 1. Tune into your breath through meditation

  3. By using meditation, you can still the thoughts that run in and out of your mind. You tune into God, the Universe, whatever you call "the flow" of life and our creator.

    You also tune into yourself. Thoughts may come and go, but just let them flow in and out of your body.

    The main thing you want to achieve through meditation is the practice of it. Start with 5 minutes a day and sit, concentrating on your breath.

    You'll feel more connected, grounded and able to "know" things.

    2. Use Accupressure

    When I was browsing in a book store the other day, I learned a cool trick using accupressure. In fact, you can use accupressure for so many
    things, as I had read in Acupressure for Emotional Healing: A Self-Care Guide for Trauma, Stress, & Common Emotional Imbalances, by Michael Reed Gach Ph.D. and Beth Ann Henning Dipl. A.B.

  4. Hwa Kang Acupuncture & Accupressure 5
    Hwa Kang Acupuncture & Accupressure 5
  5. In this image, the practitioner is focusing on opening the third eye, which is the center of your intuitive and psychic abilities.

    3. Meditation with throat clearing

    When I started practicing intuition and increasing my psychic abilities, I learned how to use a meditation to open my throat chakra. It helped to increase my intuition through this deep breathing exercise.

  6. Meditate for a few minutes and then on your out breath, make a noise in your throat by either humming or breathing harder, pushing out the air.

    Just try this once a day for 5 minutes. As you breathe, center your thoughts on your third eye, located in your forehead.

    Using these three ways to connect with your intuition and increase your psychic abilities will help you to tune in. You can use intuition in business and relationships or anything else you may need.