Lou Antonelli: In Science Fiction, Forgiveness is for White Men Only

Science fiction and fantasy.


  1. Backstory

  2. Lou Antonelli threatened to report David Gerrold to the police: During this podcast discussion of the Hugos by Rabid-Puppy authors and sympathizers Sarah Hoyt, Lou Antonelli, and John C. Wright – which I have not listened to myself as I do not have the stomach for it, but which George R. R. Martin and others have – David Gerrold comes in for some pretty substantial criticism, and abuse, which is more or less expected and though likely hard or infuriating to listen to, not really worth mentioning.Then Lou Antonelli claims to have written a letter to the Police Department of Spokane, Washington, telling them that David Gerrold is a violent agitator heading for their city.
  3. Part 2: Forgiveness and Rape Threats

  4. It should be noted that, in the middle of all this, Lou Antonelli had sold a story to a zine. The zine's editor decided not to publish the story and returned it to him. Within 12 hours, she began receiving death and rape threats.
  5. Part 2: Hold On a Minute

  6. A good time to point out, I think, that just because Antonelli apologized to Gerrold doesn't mean he apologized to anyone else. In fact, he... hasn't apologized to anyone else.