Pathetic politics from Josh Frydenberg over #Hazelwood

The Energy and Environment Minister is playing political games instead of doing his job: national energy planning and transition from carbon intensive energy to renewables to safeguard our climate and meet Australia's commitments under the Paris Agreement.


  1. I woke up this morning in Marrakech to a couple of tweets from Energy and Environment minister Josh Frydenberg playing political games, blaming the ALP rather than accepting that the Hazelwood plant was long passed it's used by date and needed to be closed for economic reasons as well as the social costs on health, pollution, and climatechange.
  2. Frydenberg is supposed to wear a hat for the Environment Ministry, yet there is no sign he has picked up that hat. He is supposed to be one of the ministers leading the Australian delegation to COP22, yet he can't even move forward from the closure of a single dirty high carbon polluting power station long overdue for closure, let alone have a national plan for phase out of all coal power to a diverse grid with renewables and battery and mechanical storage.
  3. The SECV back in 1992 slated Hazelwood for end-of-life closure in 2005. It's a clunker.
  4. Dear Josh, read the last paragraph:
    "Engie's Australian chief executive Alex Keisser said the 50 year old plant had reached a point where it was no longer viable, requiring hundreds of millions of dollars of new investment to keep operating it safely."
    Stop playing politics and do your job as Environment Minister.
  5. While the Napthine state Government refused to talk to La Trobe Valley residents over the mine fire, future of Hazelwood and support for the community, Labor Premier has largely kept his promises according to Wendy Farmer from Voices of the Valley.
  6. After the initial announcement by Engie of Hazelwood's closure, here is how Canberra Times cartoonist David Pope interpreted what was happening based upon an article I wrote for Climate Action Moreland.: