Aussie Environment Minister Greg Hunt rebranded as #MinisterForCoal

With the second approval of the Carmichael Coal Mine, activists decided to inject some honesty into his position as Minister for the Environment by re-branding him as the Minister for Coal in an occupation of his electoral office in Hastings in Melbourne.


  1. More than 50 people participated in the action, with 4 activists locking themselves together in his office, plus an occupation of the roof of the building. The action had the support of several of Greg Hunt's local constituents.
  2. "Young people concerned about the future of our climate are occupying Greg Hunt MP's office in protest of his reapproval of the Gautam Adani Carmichael mine" said a post by Direct Action Melbourne on Facebook.
  3. "Mining barons celebrated the Minister's fresh new wave of transparency regarding his portfolio duties, while our fish friends fared less well. Brave activists occupied the roof and offices of the Member for Fossil Fuels in a colourful day of civil disobedience." said DirectAction Melbourne .
  4. The occupation ended the same day with police evicting the protesters from the office, with four facing charges on summons.
  5. But the real success was restoring some honesty to the Minister's title in recognition of his continued support for and approval of new coal mines at the expense of the environment, threatened species, the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef ecosystem, and our climate.
  6. Anti-Coal Action at Greg Hunt's Office 30 Oct 2015