German Lignite mine shutdown by climate activists #COP23

Over 4000 activists converged in the #Endegelaende protest, and shut down the giant open-pit coal mine just 50 kms from Bonn, Germany on Sunday, the day before the UN Climate Conference COP23 started.


  1. Pacific Climate warriors joined the protest. They are on the leading edge of feeling the impacts of climate change with sea level rise, extreme tropical cyclones and flooding, even droughts. This climate conference is being held under the presidency of Fiji.
  2. According to 350,org:
    "The Rhineland coalfields are Europe’s biggest source of CO2 and a mere 50 km from Bonn, where the UN Climate Talks presided over by Fiji are set to begin tomorrow. Today over 4500 people joined actions organised by Ende Gelände to block operations in one of the giant open-pit coal mines. "
  3. “Today, people from the Pacific, Germany and all over the world have come together as an internationally united climate justice movement to demand the end of fossil fuels now. In the Pacific we feel the impacts of climate change already and eventually it’s going to affect everyone on this planet. We’re all different people but it’s one struggle,”
    Brianna Fruean, Climate Warrior from Samoa.
  4. From a 4pm Press release:
    "Ende Gelände is blocking the Hambach coal mine + RWE had to stop three excavators and one conveyor belt + Ende Gelände sends out powerful signal for an immediate exit from coal in the run-up to the 23rd UN climate summit
    Buir, November 5th 2017: In the early afternoon, thousands of climate activists from the Ende Gelände alliance successfully entered the Hambach open-pit mine at different spots. Using their bodies, they are successfully blocking coal infrastructure to put their call for an immediate coal phase-out into practice. Consequentially, energy company RWE had to stop the operation of three coal excavators and of one conveyor belt in the open-pit lignite mine."
  5. “We are part of an international grassroots movement demanding a global energy transition from below. Fossil fuels must stay in the ground. We are here at the scene of destruction to send out a clear signal for climate justice. Together we are many, together we are determined and strong,” said Janna Aljets, spokesperson of Ende Gelände.
  6. “It is unacceptable that it is ‘legal’ to sacrifice villages and forests for the extraction of coal and to fuel climate change by burning coal. If laws safeguard the destruction of livelihoods, then we have to override them. In our eyes, our actions are legitimate”, said Dorothee Häussermann, spokesperson of Ende Gelände. “With our action today we show again that we proceed calmly and level-headedly. Our civil disobedience does not endanger people. In view of the urgency of the climate crisis, civil disobedience is more than necessary.”
  7. This morning, around 4.500 people participated in an authorized rally for climate justice, starting in the Rhenish town Buir. In due time, activists from the alliance “Ende Gelände” left the demonstration and set out to block the infrastructure of the Hambach open-pit mine. They are supported in solidarity by a number of national and international climate activists, including the Pacific Climate Warriors, a group of climate protection advocates from various Pacific Island States.