France: Deepwater oil and gas summit in Pau called climaticide #StopMCEDD

Multinational oil and gas companies are organising to drill ever further, ever deeper into the abyss of the ocean. A summit is planned for the French city of Pau on 5-7 April 2016, organised by the French oil multinational Total, less than 4 months after the Paris climate talks and Paris Agreement.


  1. The activists are outraged at the indecency of the summit that seems to ignore the UN Paris climate talks and Paris Agreement that implied the necessity to leave most fossil fuels in the ground and decarbonise by mid-century.
    The activists have labelled the summit as climaticide. They are organising to prevent the summit occurring through non-violent direct action. ("Alors, nous citoyennes et citoyens révoltés par cette indécence, reprenons notre avenir en main et rendons-nous du 5 au 7 avril à Pau pour empêcher la tenue de ce sommet climaticide.")
  2. The Call to stop Deepwater oil and gas drilling states:
    "The COP21 commitments have to move from diplomatic promises to concrete realities. We have to turn the page of fossil fuels. Between the Pau summit and the climate, we have to choose!

    "Choosing the climate implies halting the production of new fossil fuel deposits and protecting the Ocean. For this reason, we ask the French government to:
    * stop all types of funding going to the fossil fuel industry:
    neither subsidies, nor investments in coal, gas and oil
    * cancel all current drilling licences and to stop delivering new exploration or production licences to fossil fuel companies

    "Money should be used to fund the transition towards fair and sustainable societies
    . It should also be used to fund the conversion of industries and workers from the fossil fuel sector."
  3. Mobilisation around France for the protest

  4. Oil Spill at Palais Beaumont, Pau

  5. Background

  6. United States: Protest at auction of Gulf of Mexico oil leases

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