Climate Emergency petition delivered to Canberra

End of a two month journey for Steve Posselt from Ballina to Canberra in his kayak down the coast of New South Wales. At the end of the trip the petition had gathered 18,101 signatures (with petition still open for signing)


  1. After 1150km of ocean paddling along the New South Wales coast from his home in Ballina, Steve Posselt – engineer, grandfather of 5 and ocean-kayaking ecowarrier – has now also completed 180km of dusty hot trekking on foot to arrive at last at the front doors of Parliament House in Canberra.
  2. Petition handover group photo showing a wide range of interest in a Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation. This occasion brought together not just many sides of politics but also involved collabortion between the worlds of engineering and climate emergency declaration campaiging.
  3. Holding the box of petitions are Adam Bandt MP (Greens) and Pat Conroy MP (ALP). Two along from Adam is John Hewson of Liberal party fame. Between them is Adrian Piani, Chair of the Environmental College of Engineers Australia. Also present are Ian Dunlop, David Anthony Hood (fomer head of Engineers Australia), Senator Janet Rice, Senator Lee Rhiannon, Gill King from Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), Lyn from 350Eurobodalla, Steve Posselt - K4E and his wonderful support crew, Philip Sutton (co-author of Climate Code Red) and some of the other local supporters of this campaign.

    As noted previously, this was an interim handover of the first 18,101 signatures on the petition and marked the end of Steve's remarkable 8-week kayak trek to collect signatures. We are still building numbers towards our goal of 100,000 signatures, so you can still encourage friends to sign online at 
    #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration #PetitionToProtectEverything
  4. ‘Engineers have always been at the forefront of providing solutions to humanity’s most pressing problems. But sometimes engineers have to do more than just respond to a design challenge. They need to lead. And Steve is doing just that with his climate change journey. A great inspiration to all of us.’—-Adrian Piani, Environmental College of Engineers Australia
  5. ‘Given the latest evidence, it is almost impossible to now keep the temperature increase below 1.5°C or even 2°C with the current approaches,’ says Ian Dunlop, former chair, Australian Coal Association. ‘We have left it too late to solve the climate dilemma with a graduated response; emergency action, akin to placing economies on a war footing, remains essential.’—–Ian Dunlop, former chair, Australian Coal Association
  6. ‘If everything promised at Paris is delivered, the planet will likely see global warming exceed a three degree rise above pre-industrial temperatures. Three degrees means no Arctic or Antarctic ice, no glaciers, and very likely no humans.’—–Steve Posselt, a fellow of the Australian Institute of Engineers
  7. ‘In World War 2, faced with an extreme threat, countries mobilised their economies for action in years not decades. Now, faced with the accelerating catastrophic impacts of climate change we need to act equally decisively and at the same huge scale – to deliver ‘victory’, that is the restoration of a safe climate. The Climate Emergency Declaration petition is putting this approach on the agenda for the community and governments.’—-Philip Sutton, co-author of Climate Code Red