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Australia shamelessly backs fossil fuel influence at #SB46 UN climate negotiations in Bonn

In a workshop on how non-party actors can boost climate action at the UN #SB46 climate negotiations in Bonn, Australia shamelessly supported business and fossil fuel interests in the discussion on development of conflict of interest policy for UN climate negotiations.


  1. The negotiations in Bonn started well , with Australia noting the need for sustained and focused work at the Bonn SB46 climate negotiations this week.
  2. Then it got worse, when conflict of interest started being discussed in a workshop. Norway, then Australia were in the fray supporting business and big polluter participation at UN climate negotiations.
  3. The next morning a Corporate Accountability International press briefing on conflict of interest in the UNFCCC negotiations was held.

    Australia was particularly highlighted for defending business interests and working against conflict of interest policy. The Conflict of interest discussion came up at the SB46 UNFCCC negotiations in an In-session workshop on opportunities to further enhance the effective engagement of non-Party stakeholders with a view to strengthening the implementation of the provisions of decision 1/CP.21.