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Aurizon HQ occupied by #stopAdani protestors

Rail freight company Aurizon Headquarters in Brisbane was occupied by Adani protestors today. Aurizon have put in a application for funding to the Northern Australian Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) to build the coal freight railway line from the Galilee basin to the coast at Abbot Point.


  1. Aurizon thinks of itself as a good corporate citizen with grants to charities and community organisations, while seeking to be part of a project that is inherently destructive of the environment and climate. The community grant program has been going since 2011. Community cash grants of up to $20,000 are available this year.

    "Andrew Harding, CEO of Australia’s largest rail-based transport business said Aurizon was proud to say that since 2011 its Community Giving Fund had supported more than 240 charities and not-for-profit organisations across the country in education, community safety, environment as well as health and wellbeing."

    Now it's all systems go in helping to destroy the Great Barrier Reef and the 70,000 jobs that depend upon tourism, not to mention being a developer of a climate carbon bomb that will prevent us meeting Paris Agreement climate commitments and endanger our children and grandchildren's future.
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  5. Meanwhile, it seems Westpac is keen for every branch to become a target for peaceful climate protest. They have declined to reduce their fossil fuel funding or rule out funding Adani's Carmichael Coal mine and infrastructure: