Visiting Parents

While it isn't a notable ride, it's about 22 miles one way and 25 miles the other.


  1. The route I took started with Leary Way, then continued on 34th and Pacific Street.  I only cut over to the Burke-Gilman Trail just around 4th Ave NE.  Even though it involves a hill over Wallingford Ave, I still prefer this route.
    I had recently acquired a new headlight since I had lost my old one, and it worked phenomenally well.
  2. I could see the whole trail even though it was quite dark!
    Unfortunately, not everyone is smart enough to ride in the dark with a light.
  3. And whenever I saw a cat whose eyes were illuminated by my headlight, I said 'cat' repeatedly.
  4. Here's a photo I took with my cell phone a little ways into the ride, which shows that it was dark.
  5. Once I got there, my mother and I chatted before the two of us and my brother went to the Crystal Creek Café.
  6. After getting back, I went to a neighbor who my mother said rides a bike a lot and we chatted it up.  He rides a road bike in the Summer, and has a cyclocross bike with which he races.  He adds fenders to the cyclocross bike for Winter riding.
    Once back in my parents' house, I talked with my mother for a while and she told me about a book where someone created a matchmaking service that allowed one to see the financial records (read: purchases) of others.  That promoted this tweet.
  7. After gifting me with some of her great number of homegrown tomatoes, I was off.  I went via the North Creek Trail rather than the more direct route to get back to downtown Bothell, then the Burke-Gilman trail.
  8. After stopping at the Metropolitan Market in Sand Point for an orange and a restroom break, I resumed my travel.
    During our discussion, my mother asked me where the Trader Joe's here was located after I mentioned it.  See the location on this tweet.
  9. And that was that.  See?  Not that significant.