Now two of my bicycles have accompanied me to other countries.


  1. As always, you can view the album directly and see where the photos were taken.  Some images aren't loading here for some reason, but you can click on the date/time link to view them directly in Picasa Web.
  2. Saturday

  3. As usual, I started at about 05:00.  I had loaded a map for British Columbia in addition to the Western US map I already had on my GPS, but having both of them there caused neither of them to show.  Instead, I was navigating mostly 'blind' with only the GPX track guiding me.
  4. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  5. A number of cyclists were on their way to Bremerton.  The arrived early, but spent the waiting time riding around the waiting area.  When it came time to load, a number of them boarded first as intended, but some idiot decided to try to make a run for the ferry after the traffic director started loading cars.  A few other cyclists just hung back and waited to be loaded as they should when they aren't there before the cars start to load.
  6. Knowing how Google Maps has questionable directions for cyclists, I made several corrections on the Kitsap Peninsula.
  7. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  8. A friend of mine had recommended Nuun tablets, which dissolve in water, a while back.  I had acquired some before starting this, and they appeared to be helping.
  9. I stopped for ice cream at this farm stand, as I had been curious about it when passing by it previously.
  10. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  11. I took Four Corners Road to SR-20 after Chimacum.  I had known about how high up it was on my last trip due to the amount of downhill stuff as it approaches US-101, but I was surprised to see it so low when I reached it.  That meant one thing:
  12. Going down the hill, some car honked at me despite the fact there was nobody behind me at all.  I have no idea what was on their mind.
  13. I then hit US-101, and the area around Discovery Bay marked the end of my mobile phone reception on my last trip.