A ride to a place whose name I've seen quite frequently.

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  1. NOTE: I'm piloting a new system for writing my ride reports.  This report is also available here.
  2. Part 1: To Seattle Ferry Terminal
    Part 1: To Seattle Ferry Terminal
  3. I started at about 05:00 and headed to the ferry terminal downtown.
  4. Part 2: Kitsap Peninsula
    Part 2: Kitsap Peninsula
  5. It wasn't foggy when I first got to Bainbridge, but it was really cold.  I had to put my gloves on not too long after climbing to the top of SR-305.
  6. It did turn rather foggy when I got to Poulsbo, but let up for a bit after starting south.
  7. The fog came back after I the big hill just north of SR-3 in Silverdale.
  8. After leaving Silverdale, I turned to start the climb up to Wildcat Lake.  I chose this route because the previous ways I've tried south out of Bremerton (which I would've entered had I continued along the same road I took through Silverdale) weren't much fun.  (I've since realized a way to make it work, though.)
  9. There was a lot of odd smoke out there.
  10. And, of course, the area with private street names.
  11. As typical, moving cars became less and less frequent out here.