Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic 2013

The "STP" was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Better shoot for doing it in a single day next time.


  1. To the Starting Line

  2. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  3. I left home at about 04:00 with my luggage.
  4. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  5. I saw a number of police officers around the starting line, likely because they were escorting us.
  6. Without my gear, I was definitely lighter than usual.
  7. Day One

  8. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  9. Since I was focusing on keeping in the flow of bicycle traffic the whole time, I didn't really see a lot like usual, so I'll just jot down what I remember.  With the heavy bicycle traffic and car traffic, there was a lot of weaving done by many people.  Sometimes I wanted to pass someone, but I had to wait for other cyclists or cars to pass me.
  10. There were a lot of food stops, both part of the ride support and otherwise.  The local communities along the way provided or either sold food to us.  Most of said food was carbs and peanut butter, and that coupled with the nearly-inevitable dehydration and lack of fiber made later times a bit less fun.  Rather than eating at the stops, I made it a habit to pick stuff up and eater off the side of the road (usually on intersecting streets) later on.
  11. The stops were rather crowded and I did end up losing some time while waiting in line for restrooms and water taps.
  12. Some folks had some fun choices of bicycles for this ride.  When I hit Puyallup, I heard that there was a guy doing the ride on a unicycle.
  13. The infamous hill in Puyallup wasn't anywhere nearly as bad as what I've been putting myself through with more gear than I had been carrying on this ride.  I was passing folks all over the place when climbing hills on both days of this ride.