Seattle to Everett and Back

Yet another half-century, but this one was a round-trip involving a new trail for me. Thankfully, I was riding with someone who knew the trail well in the outbound direction.


  1. I left home at around 06:30.
  2. And arrived at my riding partner's house at around 07:00.  Since we had planned to leave his place at 07:30, he was still doing some preparatory work on his bike.
  3. After leaving and pushing through some rain, we stopped by Echo Lake Park, where he snapped some photos of me riding my bike—which was part of the plan for the ride today.
  4. I had previously ridden to Aurora Village just north of there, so this was basically where new stuff started hitting me.  I honestly had no idea what it was like north of 205th/244th.
  5. We ate some of the food we brought at park further along than the one above.
    The bread for the sandwiches he brought for himself was from a loaf I baked for him a couple weeks back...
  6. He snapped some more photos of me somewhere near Maple Road in Lynnwood, and then we continued on to 164th.
  7. While climbing up the hill to the bridge over I-5 just north of 128th, he discovered that he had a flat.
  8. It was a bit of a hassle, since his first spare also had a hole in it, and his second one had an issue with its valve.  His preparedness inspired me to take note to pick up a spare tube and a portable pump, which I should've already had.
  9. We stopped near Everett Mall at the Big 5 so he could borrow a pump to fill it.  The manager wasn't too enthused at the request, but the owner set him straight.
  10. A little while later, we hit the end of the trail, and transitioned to a wide sidewalk supposedly meant to carry bicycle traffic for several blocks.
  11. Then we meandered our way down to Everett Station, where he took the shown bus home.
    What he didn't notice that that bus and I were actually riding parallel until it made its left a few blocks up the hill.  The bus passed me, but I caught up to it when it hit a red light.
  12. After that, I just retraced my path, against the strong headwinds that were the tail winds which pushed us all the way up here.
    These gates are rather annoying, yet Everett seems to love them.  They're locked in place, and set up so that cyclists have to be very careful when passing between them.
  13. I then went the other way past where there used to be a drive-in.