Metric Century to Issaquah

64 miles today, which translates to just under 103 km.


  1. A friend of mine has mentioned a certain routing to the Issaquah Brewhouse as a way to break the 100 km mark for a while, so I decided to try it today.  I already knew much of the route anyway, so it'd be a great way to raise my distance record.
  2. I spent some time last night looking over the weather blogs and forecasts, and they claimed that it would be dry today.
  3. I started off with my rain gear anyway.
  4. And thank goodness I did!
  5. Once I got to Lake Washington Boulevard, it was primarily uncharted territory for me.
  6. I ate a pickled herring sandwich shortly after climbing a bit.
  7. After each stop, I noticed that my tail light went out.  Thankfully, I did bring spare batteries, but even the spares were depleted despite being charged fairly recently.  Rechargeable batteries are certainly not perfect.
    I stopped by the Target in Newport to buy some emergency alkaline batteries.
  8. That wasn't too far from my destination.
  9. Since nothing was open, I just started north from that point to start heading home.  The goal on this leg was to get to Marymoor Park and the Burke-Gilman Trail.