Marymoor Park via I-90 Trail

I did 53.4 miles today, in a fairly atypical way.


  1. Earlier this week, I thought about going to Marymoor Park via the Burke-Gilman/Sammamish River Trail, but then my typical thought process kicked in, and it ended up being going via the I-90 trail instead.
    Notably, the I-90 trail is actually shorter than the Burke-Gilman/Sammamish Trail for what I did!
  2. Mercer Island's portion of the trail was absolutely caked with leaves (the below photograph was nothing).
  3. Then the winds started blowing, which made me so cold that I had to equip fleece before my climb over Bellevue.
  4. Between the above and below photo, I saw yard signs of Romney supporters, which—although I wasn't too amused—made sense for the neighborhood.
    When I made it to the park, I ate the food I brought and 'chilled' for a little while.
  5. As it was very cold (I could swear it was colder now than earlier in my ride), I double-layered with fleece and Gore-Tex for the return trip.
    Then I started on my way via the Sammamish River Trail, which was embarrassingly easy.  Top-gear cruising almost the whole way!
  6. After calling my mother, my father said he'd like to meet me at The Lyons' Den in Bothell.
  7. The rest of the trip was fairly quick, and I cruised in a high gear for much of the way again.
    Had to stop for groceries, though.
  8. And then I hit home.