Lake Washington Loop

Trying again where I had failed before.


  1. As my friends know very well, my previous try of this loop didn't end so well.
  2. I wouldn't let that keep me down, though, so after my recovery I worked back up to attempt it again.
    Unlike last time, however, I brought plenty of food to keep me going.
  3. I started at around 05:00 this morning and headed out a path through downtown rather than through Montlake.  I went over Capitol/First Hill rather than around it.  Not wanting to make the same mistake as last time, I stopped near Rainier Beach to eat.
  4. I then went through the airport and north from Renton to Bellevue where I stopped for a doughnut and a small beverage to warm up.
  5. While I rode through the area where I fell last time, I didn't even see anything that would've caused me to crash.  I really wonder what was going through my head then.
  6. I found Finn Hill to be a long slog.  It wasn't particularly difficult other than the duration of the climb.
    Rain started to fall as I went from Kirkland to Kenmore, and it got really bad.  Even when I got to Lake City it was still drizzling a little.
  7. The food really made a difference, as I got multiple 'winds' after each food break and didn't feel as worn down as I had in the past.  Even so…
  8. I hit my local Fred Meyer for some groceries and some Almond Roca.
  9. And that was it with my most recent near-sixty-mile ride.