It's where the heart is. Not very many people live there, though!


  1. I went to visit the community of Home, Washington today.  Google Maps had been suggesting it time and time again when I entered 'home' when planning a route, so I wanted to see what was there.  There wasn't much there.
  2. I started a bit early since I wanted to make the ferry from Fauntleroy without being the last one on.
  3. I see lots of flashers at this hour.  These people probably are spoiled by the street lights, as this wouldn't work where I often ride in the dark.
  4. Rather than going around Alki, I went south along Delridge for a while.
  5. I turned west and I kept following the route until I found a somewhat-steep valley I didn't really want to cross, so I turned back north for a while until I found a better westerly route.
  6. I did indeed arrive with time to spare, and was one of the first on the boat.
  7. There were a number of routes I could've taken from Southworth, but I chose to go along Sidney Way.
  8. After seeing fog the past few times I've been out on the Kitsap Peninsula, I wondered if it always gets foggy like that out there.
  9. One of the food items I packed for this ride was a huge Asian pear.  Check it out:
  10. It was rather quite out here along this road, and the road itself turned to chipseal as I approached SR-302.