Cross-sound I Don't Even Know

Biking along the shoulders of state routes in rural areas.


  1. This morning started off with a fairly simple ride to West Seattle.
  2. It turned into something more once I hit the Fauntleroy ferry dock.
  3. It really seemed like a vacation once I left Seattle.
  4. For some reason, I found the signage on the Olympic Peninsula to be of interest.
  5. While much of the ride wasn't too difficult in the beginning, I started to notice rolling hills after a while.  It was almost comical how they kept coming and coming!
  6. Then I hit Port Orchard, which has a nice little downtown.
  7. There exists a foot ferry between Port Orchard and Bremerton, but I decided to go the hard way: around the inlet.
  8. I stopped for lunch near the ferry terminal for some tasty lumpia and Filipino cuisine.
  9. I wasn't aware of the fast passenger ferry between Bremerton and Seattle, but I'm glad I took it.  The ride was 30 minutes instead of two hours!