Camano Island II

I discovered that Camano Island is pretty much all houses, with a few parks and a tiny suburban strip mall. I'm not really interested in going back there again.


  1. I started at about 05:00 and went north along my normal route, which involves the Interurban Trail.
  2. When I hit Everett, I stopped at a cafe/bakery I had found last time.
  3. I then went west to hit Everett's waterfront.
  4. It looked some a bunch of construction/landfill was going on.
  5. Google Maps Walkway Confusion
    Google Maps Walkway Confusion
  6. While the small (shown in white) road across the railroad tracks does end up merging with the big (shown in red) road via ramps toward the top of the map here, there actually isn't a way to get from the pedestrian overpass to the small road.  I could've just used the intersection (rather than the walkway), but I just went along the big road.
  7. I didn't pay any mind to the sidewalk (as it would've involved riding against the flow of traffic) and instead rode along the proper shoulder.  This lead me to cross the big SR-529 bridge from before, but rather than riding straight through Marysville, I went west under I-5.
  8. I then passed through the Tulalip Reservation.
  9. Between there and Stanwood, I ended up going over some rather tall and steep rolling hills.  My bike's saddle, which I've been unhappy with for a while now, became painful at this time, which forced me to stop and get off of it periodically.