Burke-Gilman to Interurban North

"Connecting the routes" again.


  1. This one ended up being about 85 miles.  Below is yesterday's route.
  2. I started at around 06:00, but was dealing with serious cold and fog much of the way then.  I had to ride without my glasses because the fog kept condensing on them.
  3. I stopped at a Starbucks to warm up with some simple drip coffee.  While I'm not a big coffee drinker, I don't understand why everyone goes straight for the fancy, unhealthy coffee-based drinks when simple coffee tastes just fine.
  4. After going over the ridge along Woodinville-Duvall Road, the fog finally cleared up.
  5. This was when I removed my leg warmers, balaclava, and shoe covers. 
  6. This was the first ride with the new pedals I had bought yesterday, to replace the largely-plastic and quite damaged ones I'd been using since I got this bike in October 2011.
  7. Sunny weather is quite nice when it's still cold and the light doesn't feel like it's destroying your eyes.
  8. After turning north on Monroe-Duvall Highway, I rode along a shoulderless part across a few bridges, and this guy in an old beater of an SUV kept honking at me and kept his middle finger up at me he passed me when I went into the shoulder after the bridges.  It wasn't great for morale.
  9. After Monroe came Snohomish, where there are standalone public restrooms downtown!  Other cities should make note of this.
  10. From there, I diverged from the route I did last weekend.  I came across some oddly-elevated developments off the side of the road here.