Ballard to Tacoma Half-Century

50 miles of derp on my bicycle.


  1. And so my ride started.  The first "checkpoint" was just across the West Seattle Bridge (shown in the second image below), since I was blazing a new trail in my experiences.
    From the start, there was a light drizzle, but it was more refreshing than annoying or uncomfortable.
  2. After getting of West Marginal, I went along a trail that was pretty much along a railroad right-of-way.
  3. There was a boat skeleton nearby when I took the above photo as well.
  4. South Park (the one in Seattle!) was sort of the next checkpoint.
  5. I actually knew it was South Park because of the bridge being replaced.
  6. A while later, the Duwamish Waterway became the Green River, which is a popular fishing spot apparently.
  7. Around this time, the drizzle became worse and I put on my Gore-Tex jacket, which I had ordered and received earlier in the week.
    I stopped and ate a small meal beneath the bridge here.  Looking ahead:
  8. Looking back:
  9. A short while after I resumed, I crossed a small river that I had never even heard of.